Rent out your electric scooter with Kik mobility

Rent out your electric scooter with Kik Mobility

Brand new company KiK is not just another electric scooter provider getting ready to hit the streets of your local city, far from it. The European-based, family-led start up is aiming to revolutionize the market by building a community based on truly sustainable and shared mobility.

Instead of flooding a city with brightly colored scooters and bicycles and watching their profit margins soar, KiK is instead giving the power and control to individuals within the local community. Unlike other electric mobility providers, with KiK people can purchase their own electric scooter to not only use and enjoy but rent out to other users; which in turn will allow them to earn money.

The state-of-the-art scooters have been specifically designed and built for the shared mobility market, which ensures they are highly durable and able to take anything the city might throw at them. Featuring the latest in mobility technology, the scooter pairs with an easy to use mobile app that will allow users to manage the availability of their own scooter as well as be able to unlock and hire other KiK vehicles around the city.

The rate to rent the scooter is set at $9 an hour (that’s just $0.15 per minute!), making it an affordable option for riders looking to get around town whilst simultaneously helping to put money back into the wallets of owners. By renting out their KiK for just a couple of hours every day, owners will be able to earn over $500 a month.

The best part however is that owners will not have to worry about retrieving their scooter or having to maintain it. With the KiK app, owners can track their scooter via the app and when they wish to stop renting it out, simply turn off the function and choose the boomerang option; this notifies KiK you would like the scooter to be returned. From there, KiK’s team will collect the scooter, service it and return it to your predetermined drop off point fully charged! A 25% service charge is added to each rental to cover these costs.

Taking pre-orders at the moment, KiK will be launching in cities across the globe shortly. Requiring just 1,000 sign ups before launching, pre-orders for the KiK program are live now. To get involved, budding riders can register their interest today and secure their space in the production queue for just $199.00, with the remaining balance being due nearer the launch date of KiK in their city.

By pre-ordering, customers can guarantee they will be the first in their area to be part of the KiK community. The start-up is also letting people earn more be joining their recharging scheme – which will see them earn a fix charge rate of $6 for every vehicle they help to recharge.

KiK is not just helping individuals either. Their whole ethos is to empower the community; which is why they will be creating initiatives to help local groups as well as offer riders unique benefits from businesses in the area.

Find out more and get involved by visiting and stay up to date with them across social media by searching ‘KikMobility’.

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