How Much Does an Electric Scooter Cost

How Much Does an Electric Scooter Cost

Electric scooters are increasing in popularity, and for good reason. These are some pretty nifty little devices. Sure, some people think that they are toys for kids or lazy adults, but this could not be any further from the truth.
Electric scooters are very eco-friendly when compared to many other transportation methods, they are fast and convenient, and can help you save money too. With that said, money is always an important purchasing factor in today’s economy. So, how much does an electric scooter cost?

The Benefits of Owning an Electric Scooter

Before we get into talking about the cost of an electric scooter, let’s just take a quick look at some of the main reasons why you may be inclined to purchase one of these neat little things.

  • Electric scooters are, of course, much faster than walking or even biking. Some of these scooters can reach speeds of nearly 100 kmph, with lower-end models still reaching speeds of 25 kmph. It’s just a fast and easy way to travel.
  • Unlike biking, walking, or rollerblading, not only is using an electric scooter much faster, but also much more comfortable and less energy-intensive. Unlike biking, when you go to work with an electric scooter, you won’t arrive a sweaty mess.
  • Electric scooters, especially new and modern ones, are much more eco-friendly than taking the bus, the train, or a car. Most have high-quality batteries, with many being made to last a long time to come, and specifically designed for environmental benefits. At the very least, an electric scooter won’t create toxic emissions and greenhouse gasses.
  • For the most part, using an electric scooter is a very cost-effective means of transportation.

How Much Does an Electric Scooter Cost?

How much an electric scooter is going to cost you all depends on a variety of factors, many factors actually. Now, you can find a low-end electric scooter for anywhere between $200 and $400, with mid-range options costing up to $1,200 or more, and high-end options using topping out at around $3,000, although some may cost up to $4,000 or more. As we said, it really all depends on the brand name of the scooter, the size, the quality, and the various features the scooter comes with.
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Factors that will Influence the cost of an Electric Scooter

Alright, so now that we have covered about how much various electric scooters are going to run you, let’s talk about the various factors that are going to influence how deep into your wallet you have to diver for the model that you want.

Battery Power & Distance

One of the biggest factors that will influence the price of an electric scooter has to do with the quality and lifespan of the battery, as well as how far the scooter in question can go on a single charge. Low-end scooters may only be able to go for 30 or 40 minutes on a single charge, as they usually don’t have the best batteries, where some high-end scooters may be able to last for nearly 2 hours on a single charge. Yes, of course, this also affects how far it can travel, with some only getting 15 miles out of a charge, and others reaching nearly 100 miles on a charge.

Charging Time

Something else that will influence the price of the electric scooter is how fast the battery charges. Lower end models may take a full 24 hours to charge, whereas the best in the business may only take 3 or 4 hours to achieve a full battery charge.

Motor & Speed

Another huge factor that will determine the overall cost of your electric scooter is how powerful the motor is and how fast the scooter can go. Lower end models usually only have single motors that top out at a few hundred watts. These may be able to achieve 15 or 20 mph. Mid-range models may have motors of 1,000 or 1,200 watts, and these can usually go up to 40 mph. The higher-end models may top out at as much as 3,000 watts, may have two motors, and can sometimes reach speeds of 60 mph.

Durability & Weight Capacity

The next difference maker in terms of the cost is going to be how much weight the scooter in question can handle, as well as the overall durability. For instance, a high-end scooter than support 500 pounds is going to cost much more than a smaller option that can only support a couple hundred pounds. We would recommend going with something mid-range, something made of steel that will last for quite some time.

The Tires

Yet another difference maker is going to be the tires, specifically the size, type, and quality of the tires. Generally speaking, larger tires that are made for off-roading, and have great traction, are going to cost you more. However, a small city scooter with generic tires should not be too pricey.

A Seat

Yes, some electric scooters have seats, and some do not. If you want an electric scooter with a decent seat, it can easily make a difference of a few hundred dollars.

The Brand Name

Yes, the brand name is also going to make a difference. If you buy some generic or not well-known scooter, you can easily save a lot of money. Of course, that said, bigger brand names usually have higher quality items, with better customer service, and better warranties too. Some of the most popular electric scooter brand names include GOTRAX, Glion, ZPRIT, NANROBOT, and Razor.


So, if you want a low-end electric scooter, just for basic transportation, you are looking at around $500 at most. However, if you want something super durable, with a high weight capacity, that can really zip around and high speeds, you can easily spend several thousand dollars.

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