Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter Review

Get your little one ready for an outdoor adventure with Lascoota’s advanced three wheel scooter. With a low learning curve a child will be scooting around the block in no time. With thousands of five star reviews this scooter is one of the top selling and reviewed kids scooters on Amazon.

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Who Is This Lascoota Scooter Meant For?

Lascoota offers a dynamic kick scooter ideal for little ones from ages 2 to 8 with a weight capacity of 110 lbs. It’s a 2-in-1 with an adjustable and removable seat.

The seat allows younger riders to enjoy the scooter as a ride along, then move up to scoot mode as their confidence grows. Growing with the rider for years of enjoyment.

What’s Included?

Upon unpacking the Lascoota 2-in-1 you’ll find the scooter and a helmet. The scooter is adjustable in several locations to come up with the perfect setup for any young rider. The handlebar has three adjustable height options and the seat is fully removable with two height options.

Overview of Features

Lascoota Build Quality

Lascoota uses quality materials when building each scooter. Picking up and inspecting the scooter gives a sense of the durable construction that’s made to last. The frame is sturdy and thick, with durable plastic used throughout.

We all know what kids can be like and this three-wheeled scooter was designed to stand up to the use and abuse of child play. It is built with aluminum alloy, sturdy stainless-steel parts, and tough plastic.


This scooter features a lean to steer design where the rider controls the scooter by leaning rather than turning a steering wheel. This helps children improve balance and coordination.


The wheels are made from polyurethane and provide a quiet, smooth ride. When the scooter is moving the front wheels light up with a variety of flashing colors. This gives the scooter a “cool factor” loved by young riders.

Large front wheels improve the riding experience. Allowing the scooter to ride smoothly on surfaces that are bumpy or uneven.


Keeping the rider confident and stable on the scooter is accomplished through a large standing deck. The Lascoota 2-in-1 is equipped with a low to the ground, grippy, and extra wide deck that’s large enough to fit both feet.


Stopping is the most important aspect of any vehicle. To stop simply step on the brake in the back. The rear brake is located above the back wheels and works by applying force to the top of the wheels bringing them to a steady stop.

Pros & Cons


  • Develops balance & coordination
  • Light-up wheels
  • Grows with child


  • Brakes are unreliable when riding fast
  • Difficult to perform tricks

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How to Get the Most Out of It

Before the first ride adjust the handlebars and seat to the appropriate height for the rider. For younger riders help them on to the seat and show them how to hold onto the handlebars. Then slowly start pushing them around.

Soon the rider will start kicking their feet on the ground and propelling the scooter themselves. When they are ready, remove the seat for years of enjoyment. This is the perfect item to get children comfortable with scooter riding and will last for years.


Scooter riding is easy to learn, fun, and a great way to get children playing outside. The light weight and size makes it easy to take it to the park or on trips ensuring the young rider will never run out of new places to ride.

The exceptional build quality and design along with the multiple points of adjustment creates a scooter that will be loved for several years.

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