In the Van With the ‘Juicers’ Who Round Up and Recharge Lime Scooters

The streets of Los Angeles are covered with bright colored electric scooters and bikes that have something in common: They have batteries that need to be charged. Read More

Organized Charging is Key to Success
Working three to four nights a week Michekke Cabezas and her husband Gonzalo have made $5,000 in 5 months charging Lime scooters at home in Los Angeles.
Lime Scooters Dropped Off in a Deployment Zone
Gonzalo dropping off scooters at one of Lime's "deployment zone". Limes has about 60,000 freelance juicers (scooter chargers) across all markets.
Scooter Panel Van
Panel vans are the prefferred vehicle of scooter chargers due to the ability to haul a large number of scooters safely.
Lime Juicer App
Lime Juicers use the companies app to show which scooters are available for pickup.