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Dualtron X Review

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Dualtron X
Top Speed60 mph100 kph
Range120 mi195 km
Charging Time8 hrsFast Charger
Weight140 lb65 kg
Motor (Dual)3360W6720W (Max)
Tire Diameter13 in33 cm

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The Dualtron X from Minimotors is an electric scooter unlike anything the scooter community has ever seen before. Calling it a scooter might even be a stretch. This monster unit has more in common with a motorcycle than any scooter on the market today. The Dualtron X is as fast as a motorcycle with incredible braking power and a suspension that soaks up the terrain. It is also very stable and provides a high level of steering feedback and control. The combination of speed, control and brake power means it corners like a scooter half its size. The level of control will make you want to push the limits and see how fast you can go. 

The Dualtron X uses the same display as the Dualtron Thunder, but that is where the similarities end. Minimotors has reimagined the suspension, motor, tires and frame to make this unlike any scooter in the Dualtron family. Unfortunately, one downside to all this power and super soft suspension is that the Dualtron X is really not practical as an everyday scooter. Read on to see how this electric scooter stacks up on power, build, handling, features and more.


If you want a simple scooter that will get you to school or to the metro station faster than your feet will take you, this is not your scooter. This scooter is all about power. It tops out at a max speed of 60 mph, which means it could go toe to toe with cars on the interstate (check your local scooter laws before riding on the streets or traveling at excessive speeds). The Dualtron X has dual 3360 watt brushless motors that boast a max power output of 6720 watts.

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All this power can often mean an increased risk of the engine overheating, so the Dualtron X’s motors also come with air cooling to ensure that the electric parts don’t get damaged due to extreme heat. The motor on this scooter is built to meet any challenge its rider can throw, and with the rest of the substantial features, there is little the rider could dream up that this scooter can’t deliver.


The first thing you notice about the Dualtron X is the build. This electric scooter looks like no e-scooter you’ve ever seen before. In fact, this scooter is so massive that it might have sized itself out of the electric scooter category. While it has a similar look to other Dualtron models, you can immediately see that the X is in a rugged class all by itself. The construction is nothing short of beefy, with an overload of heavy metal parts. The exposed rivets add to the utilitarian feel of this scooter. The matte gray finish would look as at home on a tank as it does on this scooter. For some, this might make this scooter the perfect choice. For others, the extreme boxiness might be off-putting. But there can be no doubt that this scooter was built for serious riders who want a no-nonsense frame and a professional look and feel. 

With all of the emphasis on the build quality, the designers missed the mark on the deck design. The back spring is oddly placed and results in a shorter than usual deck. This means less space for the rider and less ability to change positions if needed. The shorter deck and extreme ruggedness of the design may make some riders pass on this model. But those who can overlook that will be pleasantly surprised by the handling and the features of this scooter.


For all its rugged looks, the Dualtron X has an incredibly smooth ride. It sports a suspension fit for a motorcycle. The massive front and rear shocks smooth out the terrain with ease and create a Cadillac-worthy plush ride. There is no rubber suspension on this scooter, the massive shocks do all the work here. The suspension is soft and allows you to push the scooter down with just one foot, but strong enough to ensure that you won’t bottom out on potholes or rough terrain. 

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The tires are also an integral part of this scooter’s impressive handling. They are 13 inches high and 5 inches wide, which provide for solid traction and a smoother ride. But don’t expect the Dualtron X to turn on a dime. These heavy-duty tires are significantly wider than your average scooter tire, which does affect the steering. Expect a slightly slower, but much smoother, turn response. 

Speaking of steering, this scooter provides a dampher that allows you to stabilize the steering wheels against the added vibrations of higher speed riding. You can adjust the steering dampher to suit your individual ride preferences. This concept of an adjustable steering dampher has previously been limited to motorcycles, but now it is available on the Dualtron X. The hydraulic tubes throughout this scooter can be adjusted by turning the red knob to suit the ride to your level of comfort. All in all, the X provides an extremely stable ride at high speed and during quick acceleration.


All the speed and high-performance handling in the world doesn’t mean anything if the scooter isn’t equipped with brakes that can handle that kind of power. The brakes on the Dualtron X are fully hydraulic. This means that you get maximum control with strong, consistent braking. That is important when traveling at higher speeds or over rough terrain. The 160mm rotors are also equipped with a jet air cooling system. With the extreme speeds this scooter can reach, you’ll be putting a lot of friction on the brakes when it comes time to slow down. If you remember your basic high school physics class, friction produces heat. The cooling system on this scooter ensures that the brakes are not subjected to extreme temperatures, which will increase their reliability and longevity. And in the end, reliability is the most important factor when it comes to brakes, right?

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No one wants to buy a performance scooter only to spend more time charging the battery than riding. Luckily, the Dualtron X has two batteries, one in the deck and one in the stem. The deck (main) battery is a 60 volt 49 amp hour battery that allows this scooter to go for 120 miles before charging. If you ride it aggressively, you might get half that mileage, which is still impressive. Once you do need to charge, you have several options to get you charged and back on the road in a flash. The main battery can accommodate up to three separate chargers at one time. The charge time varies depending on the number of chargers you use. A single charger will take 24 hours to charge the main battery to full power. Dual chargers will cut that time in half to 12 hours fully charged. The fastest charging option is to use all three charger ports at once, which takes 8 hours to recharge. So you can plug it in at night and the Dualtron X will charge while you sleep.

The second battery, in the stem of the scooter, is a 60 volt 3 amp hour battery dedicated to the lights and accessories. Having this second battery allows the main battery to focus completely on motor power and is what allows the rider to get triple digit mileage before needing to charge. So you’ll never be caught with a low battery, this e-scooter includes a real time voltage display for both batteries on the handlebars for easy viewing.

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At first glance, the Dualtron X looks like an extremely utilitarian scooter, devoted solely to power and durability, much like a tank. But on closer inspection, there are a few details that make this scooter not only a powerhouse to ride, but also enjoyable for the rider. The deck of the scooter comes with lights that both help with visibility and, honestly, just look cool. Of course, there is also a powerful LED headlight for nighttime riding. The scooter also has a kickstand, even though those beefy tires could almost stand upright on their own.

Interestingly, the designers of this scooter made it foldable at the neck and at the handlebars (they fold inward). With a scooter this size, one wonders why they thought to include this feature. Why would you ever fold this thing? At 140 pounds there is no way it’s meant to be portable. I can only imagine they made it foldable because that’s what electric scooters do.

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One of the nicer features of this scooter is the option to add a seat. The seat add-on makes the Dualtron X very similar to a moped, but with an electric rather than a gas-powered motor. The seat can be adjusted depending on your height and can also be removed so you have the option to use the scooter with or without the seat. The seat is also equipped with a small amount of storage for a small bag or box.


The details can really separate the contenders from the imitators. Some high-performance scooters lack a user-centric design. And some user-focused scooters lack performance. The Dualtron X combines performance with a nice collection of user-friendly controls and accessories to enhance your riding experience. The center console includes a clear bright display that shows real time battery status for both of the scooter’s batteries. Right in front of the battery display is a built-in hook that can carry a small bag securely.

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The handlebars contain a variety of controls, including a fingerprint recognition ignition system and automatic ignition. The turn and hazard signals also live on the handlebars within easy reach of the left grip.

The signature Minimotors Ey3 dashboard should be familiar to Dualtron Ultra or Thunder aficionados. The Ey3 LCD display allows you to monitor speed and drive time while adjusting the throttle with the touch of a finger. Want to add a cell phone mount or a cup holder? Minimotors thought of that too. The handlebars on this scooter are pretty loaded, so they included a multi bar for adding aftermarket accessories. One aftermarket purchase you’ll want to make is an upgraded set of grips. The stock grips on the Dualtron X are lacking in quality. To get the best feel and handling, you’ll want to trade up for some higher quality grips. After laying down a chunk of change on this scooter, don’t skimp on the details!


Literally and figuratively, the Dualtron X pulls hard from the start and doesn’t slow down. As soon as you give it some juice, you can feel the force of the power that has been contained in the batteries unleash at your feet. The details, features and accessories of this scooter also don’t slow down. There is no aspect of this massive scooter that seems throwaway. The designers of this scooter thought through every detail with the rider in mind. They created a scooter that appeals to the inner speed demon while also paying attention to things like fans to minimize engine wear and a bag hook for carrying a little cargo. It’s this combination of the major and the minor details that make this scooter so appealing to enthusiasts.

All in all, the Dualtron X is a highly specific scooter built for a highly specific customer who will be using it for a highly specific purpose. Minimotors created this scooter for the extreme scooter clientele. It is by far the most extreme scooter available today. The fact that it is over the top in almost every area is a selling point to those scooter fans who want the biggest, baddest, most extreme scooter money can buy. This is not a scooter for the daily commute. It is a scooter that will take you to the top of a cliff and navigate the rough terrain of the most expert level trails. If scaling Mt. Everest on a scooter is on your bucket list, the Dualtron X might be the scooter for you.

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