razor ecosmart metro electric scooter

Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

The Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter is a fantastic alternative method of transportation for kids and adults alike.

With this emission-free scooter, you’ll easily be able to get from point A to B without the cost or worry of a full-size vehicle.

You’ll find this particular model has plenty of comfortable and convenient features that you will love to get your hands on for everyday commuting.

Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter

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It can be incredibly convenient to have a scooter at your disposal, especially since you can charge them in your home without having to worry about gas.

The Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter is one of the better options for commuting scooters, especially if you live in a metropolitan area, as it offers a 500-watt high torque motor.

There are a couple of additional features that help to make the model even more convenient, such as a grocery basket and a comfortably padded seat.

Instead of having to worry about the responsibility and investment of a full-size vehicle, it’s simpler to take advantage of a scooter.

You’ll also appreciate the level of control you’ll have over this design compared to other electric scooters.

These features help to make it a far safer ride, regardless if you are in the rain or sunshine.

Who Is This Electric Scooter Meant For?

Anyone who has experience with riding scooters will be able to benefit from the Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter.

Although it has a relatively basic design, it is slightly more advanced than the less powerful models you might find on the market.

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This point is particularly valid for children, as this might not be the best option for their first electric scooter.

Plenty of commuters will appreciate having adjustable features as well as an innovative braking system to keep them safe while riding on the street.

You’ll also find this is a preferable alternative to gas-powered scooters, as you can quickly charge the unit in your garage, so it is always ready to use.

What’s Included?

Everything that you will need to begin riding the scooter is included in your order.

You’ll have a full-size luggage rack as well as a grocery basket as two extra accessories that are fully detachable, depending on your preferences.

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As an added benefit, there is a toolkit that ships with every order, as well, so that you can make minor adjustments on-the-go.

Overview of Features

Here are the things to expect from this product:

  • Sit-Down Design

Unlike other scooters, this model only offers a sit-down riding experience, which can be far more comfortable and easier to navigate, especially for beginners.

However, if you’re searching for a universal riding experience, we recommend opting for an alternative design.

  • Bamboo Deck

With the implementation of the high-quality bamboo deck, you’ll find your scooter will last substantially longer without showing signs of wear and tear.

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The frame of the scooter is also powder-coated, which helps it to stand up against scratches and dings.

  • 500-Watt High Torque Motor

Along with the 36-volt electrical system, this high-powered battery scooter gives you plenty of power for average trips.

You’ll also enjoy the variable speed control on the handlebars, allowing you to adjust how fast you want the unit to go.

  • Adjustable Features

One of our favorite features of the Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter is that it has a detachable luggage rack and basket.

If you intend to use the scooter for quick trips, you can easily detach the extra elements to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Otherwise, you have plenty of storage for your belongings.

  • Rear Wheel Drive

As a feature that most other electric scooters don’t have, this model also offers a rear disc braking system with rear-wheel drive.

When driving in unsavory conditions, you’ll love the improved control and traction that the unit has to offer.

You’ll also notice a difference in the 16-inch pneumatic tires which maintain their durability for the smoothest ride possible.

  • Added Padding

Instead of investing in an electric scooter where you’ll have to add your own seat, this model comes with a very comfortable one.

With the help of the extra padding, you’ll find you can ride the scooter for hours without any soreness or discomfort.


  • Virtually silent motor
  • Arrives with a tool kit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works adequately uphill


  • Not waterproof
  • Poor battery life
  • Poorly built charger

How to Get the Most Out of It

Learning how to get the most out of your new scooter is simple, especially with a design that is as straightforward as this model.

It’s highly recommended you allow the scooter to receive a full charge upon its arrival; otherwise, you could cause irreparable damage to the battery.

Once the unit has a full charge, you can quickly start it up and travel several miles on a single charge, depending on the terrain in your area.

To protect the more sensitive components of the scooter, it’s not a good idea to ride it in the rain or any wet conditions.

It appears to be that some aspects near the battery have no case to protect them from water.

You may even want to consider wiping the scooter down if it happens to get wet to prevent bubbling of the paint and rusting over time.


There is an assortment of electric scooters on the market that are quite comparable to the Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter.

Our favorite alternative is the NANROBOT X4 Electric Scooter, although it is more expensive than the Razor model, it packs a powerful punch.

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A few of the most notable features of the NANROBOT X4 include:

  • Wear-Resistant Tires: With the wear-resistant tires, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about replacements or damage.
  • Folding Design: Instead of only allowing you to sit while riding, you can easily stand and fold down the scooter when it is not in use.
  • LCD: With the help of the innovative waterproof digital display, you can always keep track of your speed and battery charge.
  • Exterior Lights: There are LED lights built into the front and rear of the scooter that allow you to have complete illumination when riding in the dark.


Overall, the Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter is a well-rounded model for someone looking for an affordable upgrade to their existing scooter.

With a moderately powerful motor, you should be able to achieve constant speeds for everyday commuting.

It’s also incredibly easy to use, which may make it an excellent option for adults searching for their very first scooter.


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