Best Electric Scooter with Seat for Adults of 2021

| Last Updated: January 30, 2020

Do you want a little vehicle, something to get you from point A to point B, while also allowing for a bit of fun and adventure? If so, an electric scooter might be right up your alley.

To make it easier for you, let’s take a look at some of the best electric scooters with seats for adults on the market right now!

Best Electric Scooter with Seat for Adults

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Here we have a mid-range range electric scooter, one that is battery powered and comes in at quite an affordable price. It’s comfortable to ride, fairly durable, comfortable, and super user-friendly as well.

Product Highlights

First off, we do think it is important to note that this scooter does use a very high-quality electric battery, which is built in an eco-friendly way, so you are doing your part to help protect the environment. Now, the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter can go to a top speed of 18 mph or 29 kmph, which is pretty fast for a small electric scooter. That said, when driving at top speed, beware that you will get around 40 minutes of continuous use out of the battery before it needs to be recharged.

Another good feature here is that the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is quite durable, as it has a stainless steel frame, with other high-quality components, and a bamboo deck to rest your feet. This electric scooter can handle a maximum load of 220 pounds, which is pretty impressive considering its size.

Speaking of resting your feet, the platform is pretty wide, so you should have enough legroom, plus you also get a really wide, plush, and well-padded seat that should keep you comfy for the duration of your ride. The handlebars have some pretty decent padding, as well.

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is also very easy to use. It comes with a simple twist-grip accelerator, and a hand-controlled rear brake. For your convenience, it even comes with a little rack in the rear to carry some small belongings. The kickstand definitely comes in quite handy as well. All in all, considering the fairly low price of it, combined with a high level of comfort, durability, and a decent top speed too, the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is a good investment to make.

The Good

The good part about the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is that it is actually quite affordable, which is surprising considering how high quality it is. It’s a convenient little vehicle to travel short distances, and without hurting the environment either. All around, it’s just a comfy, convenient, and quite the speedy little scooter with a seat.

The Bad

Something which we don’t really like about the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is that it does not fold down easily, so easy storage is not its biggest attribute. Moreover, the battery life just isn’t that good either.

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Durable build
Comfortable seat and foot area
Fairly high weight limit


Does not fold down easily

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Here we have a nice little electric scooter, one designed to look European and built for short distances. It’s a bit smaller, lighter, and slower than the one we just looked at, but also much less expensive, which is a fair trade as far as we are concerned.

Product Highlights

The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is a pretty comfy little scooter. That much we can say for sure. Its European style design means that it has a super large, plush, and comfortable seat, one that should be fine to sit on for any prolonged period of time. This scooter is also designed to prove you with a massive foot platform, so you never have to worry about finding enough space for your feet. The handlebars are also designed in such a way to be both ergonomically friendly and comfy to hold.

The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter has a maximum speed of 15 mph, or around 24 kmph, which is alright. No, it’s not super speedy, but it will get you from point A to point B, no problem. Now, as is the case with these things, battery life is not stellar, but you should be able to get around 40 minutes out of it at full speed, or about enough to travel 10 miles or 16 km on a single charge. For the super low price, it’s not bad.

Moreover, the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is made to be fairly durable, although no, it’s not the toughest kid on the block. It can hold a user of up to 170 pounds, which admittedly is quite light. We would say that this scooter is ideal for women and children, but probably not for your average full-grown man. It’s a very small and lightweight scooter, one you could pick up with a single hand. Now, although it doesn’t really fold down into a smaller package, it’s so small that it’s still easy to fit in a tight space.

The Good

The good part about the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is how ideal it is for kids and small people, plus how affordable, lightweight, and easy to store it is. Even for such a small scooter, it still goes pretty fast.

The Bad

What’s not great about this scooter is actually what makes it so great. It’s a double-edged sword. In other words, this scooter is not large enough for a full-grown man, especially a large man. Moreover, the battery life just isn’t fantastic either.

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Made for comfort and ergonomic friendliness
Lightweight and fits in tight spaces
Has a convenient kickstand


Battery life is not stellar

Here we have another fairly affordable electric scooter, and although it is small, it is strong enough to hold a fully grown man with ease. It comes with a comfy seat, it’s super user-friendly, and if nothing else, it just looks like a whole lot of fun to zip around on.

Product Highlights

The Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter is quite small and lightweight, which is a bonus if you don’t have much storage room. Moreover, the handlebars can be removed for even easier storage, and at the very least, the handlebars can be easily adjusted for height. On that same note, the hand grips are made to be soft, but also to provide you with good grip. Also, in terms of comfort, the Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter comes with a really nice padded seat, a very plush one. That said, just beware that it doesn’t have that much room for your feet.

In terms of the weight capacity of the Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter, it can hold up to 220 pounds with ease, making it ideal for adults, kids, and everyone in between. We do think that this electric scooter has a fairly durable build, although we would not be too rough with it. The stainless steel frame is durable enough for basic use. The inflatable tires are quite durable and are shown to be able to roll over some pretty rough terrain without popping or taking too much damage.

When it comes to speed, the Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter can go up to 15 mph or 24 kmph, which for such a small, lightweight, and affordable scooter is quite impressive, especially with a heavy person sitting on it. Now, the battery life, as seems to be the case with these electric scooters, is not great. It will last for about 40 minutes of continuous use before it dies, and it takes almost a full 24 hours to recharge, which is not great at all. However, for a simple point A to point B trip, it works just fine.

The Good

The good part about the Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter is that it’s a fun little toy as well as a means of transportation, one that can go a decent distance at a decent speed, and is fairly comfortable to sit on, not to mention that it can hold a pretty heavy person. It doesn’t even cost that much either.

The Bad

The bad part about the Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter is that it takes 24 hours to recharge, but you’ll only get around 40 minutes of use out of 1 charge. Moreover, it seems like the footrest is very small, maybe too small to fit two big feet.


Decent speed for its size
Comfortable design
Good weight capacity


Not much foot room

E-Wheels Sporty EW-19 Electric Scooter

So here we have what is so far the most expensive electric scooter on our list today. Yeah, it is very pricey, but with that said, it also has a longer-lasting battery life than most models, it can travel further, and hold a much heavier user as well. It’s well worth the investment if you need a scooter for going longer distances.

Product Highlights

The E-Wheels Sporty EW-19 Electric Scooter is a pretty impressive scooter. First off, this thing is made with a super durable frame. This thing is made to hold up some pretty heavy people, so the frame, and all components, are made with this in mind. This scooter has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is well over anything else we have looked at today, so yes, it can hold large adults, with ease. It’s something that you get for the long run.

Speaking of the long run, the E-Wheels Sporty EW-19 Electric Scooter has well over twice the battery life of any other scooter we have looked at today. This electric scooter can drive up to 21 miles or up to 33 km, which is much further than any other scooter we reviewed up until this point. It has a top speed of 15 mph or 24 kmph. What also stands out about this scooter is that it has 3 wheels instead of just 2, which is great because it means that you don’t have to balance. It’s much easier and comfier to ride than other scooters.

On that same note, in terms of comfort, the E-Wheels Sporty EW-19 Electric Scooter comes with a super ergonomically friendly seat, one that is very wide and soft, and yes, this is the only option we have looked at which has a real backrest. Moreover, it also comes with tons of foot room, and it has a very large basket in the rear for transporting some goods. All in all, although the E-Wheels Sporty EW-19 Electric Scooter is pricey, it is hands down the best option we’ve looked at so far.

The Good

This really is a cool scooter, mainly because it goes further than most others, it has great battery life, it’s way more comfortable than most other options, and it can hold up some pretty hefty adults too. It’s durable, fast, and designed for long distances, plus you don’t even have to balance thanks to the third wheel.

The Bad

The bad part about the E-Wheels Sporty EW-19 Electric Scooter is, of course, that it is very expensive. Moreover, it’s not exactly a space saver either.


High weight capacity
Can go long distances
Large basket included


Very expensive

NANROBOT Electric Scooter

Here we have an electric scooter that is pretty expensive. Now, it’s way more expensive than the first three we looked at, but still a few hundred bucks cheaper than that big one reviewed above. Make no mistake about it, because this scooter is fast, it has great battery life, and a high weight capacity too.

Product Highlights

First off, the NANROBOT Electric Scooter is a little speed devil, as it can travel as fast as 25 mph, or about 40 kmph, which makes it the fastest electric scooter on our list today. Moreover, this scooter also has a great battery life, better than most others. The 48V 10.4AH lithium battery can go for up to 20 miles or 32 km on a single charge, which is pretty good. When running at full speed, continuous use, you’ll get almost an hour out of it. What’s also nice is that the NANROBOT Electric Scooter charges in about 5 hours, which is fast as well.

What’s also impressive about the NANROBOT Electric Scooter is that it has a maximum load capacity of 264 pounds. This is impressive considering how small and lightweight this item is. Yes, this thing is very lightweight, so light that you can easily lift it with a single hand. On that same note, it’s also very convenient in terms of storage and carrying around, as it can easily fold down into a neat little package.

However, this does not mean that the NANROBOT Electric Scooter lacks comfort. It does have a nice seat, one that is very wide, plush, and well padded, plus it can be adjusted for height, and it even comes with a spring in the bottom to absorb some shock and impact. The NANROBOT Electric Scooter even has a kickstand and a little headlight at the front.

The Good

The good part about the NANROBOT Electric Scooter is that it can carry some pretty heavy folks while maintaining a super fast top speed, plus it can go a long distance as well. It might not be the least expensive option out there, but it certainly is a good one.

The Bad

Something that’s not great about the NANROBOT Electric Scooter is that it has fairly small wheels, which are only good for flat and smooth terrain, plus it just doesn’t have the most ergonomically friendly design either, and yes, it’s a bit pricey.


Very durable
Good battery life
Foldable design


Quite expensive

Electric Scooter Buyers Guide

Before you go out and buy an electric scooter with a seat, there are some important aspects you should keep in mind, ones that will decide just how happy you are with your purchase.


The electric scooter in question should, of course, be quite portable. More than anything else, this means that it should be fairly lightweight. This is the kind of thing you might have to carry up and down stairs, so it should be light enough to do that, or if need be, fit onto public transportation.


Something else that will definitely come in handy with an electric scooter is if it is foldable. Now, not all electric scooters do this, and it does depend on the frame shape and design, but some of these scooters can fold down. In other words, many feature the ability for the seat and handlebars to fold down, making them much easier to store in a tight space or to carry around.

Load Capacity

Perhaps one of the most important purchasing factors to keep in mind with electric scooters is that they need to have a decent load capacity. Today we are looking for scooters for adults, and adults can be pretty heavy. Our recommendation is that you look for one with as high a weight capacity as possible, at least a few pounds over your own weight.


Yes, the speed of the scooter is important too. Now, as you might be able to tell, these things can actually go pretty fast, some up to 25 mph, which is pretty speedy. Just make sure you get one that can suit your speedy needs, but is not so fast that it will pose a danger to you or those around you.

Braking System

Every good electric scooter needs to have brakes, good brakes. Generally, and easy handlebar brake is the best to go with. Some scooters have normal pad brakes, and the better ones might even have disk brakes, something work looking into.



How Far Can An Electric Scooter Travel?

Your average electric scooter is going to be able to travel between 10 and 15 miles at most, with the best ones getting up to 20 or maybe even 25 miles out of a single charge.

How Much Weight Can An Electric Scooter Withstand?

This all depends on the exact scooter you get. Some are made for kids and can only hold 160 pounds, while others are specially designed for adults and may hold up to 300 pounds or more.

How Fast Can These Electric Scooters Go?

The top speed of most electric scooters is going to be around 25 mph or 40 kmph, but most won’t even go that fast.

Is it more eco-friendly to travel by an electric scooter?

It is certainly more eco-friendly to use an electric scooter than to drive a car or to take public transportation, but less eco-friendly than biking or walking.

What Safety Equipment Do I Need with Electric Scooters?

In some places, there is no required safety equipment. However, if you feel the need to be safe, you definitely want a helmet, and maybe some elbow pads too.


At the end of the day, we personally would recommend either the NANROBOT Electric Scooter or the E-Wheels Sporty EW-19 Electric Scooter, as they are the biggest, fastest, and toughest options around. However, if you just want something small and highly affordable, any of the first three electric scooters with seats for adults that we reviewed are great as well.

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