Kids are always fascinated by hoverboarding. With a little practice and keen concentration, they become efficient at this sport and enjoy riding on hoverboards to the fullest.

With the increasing number of children showing interest in hoverboarding, the market has also come up with functional products equipped with exciting and unique features. The problem is that not each product is worth buying.

Therefore, we have relieved you from the efforts of thorough research on hoverboards for your kids. You can count on the products included in this review as they meet the demands and requirements related to kid’s usage.

Comparison of the Best Hoverboards For Kids

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  • Gains high speeds with optimized balancing
  • Integrated media playback with rhythmic lights
  • Long life battery for hours of fun
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  • Reaches up to 9.3 Mph
  • Powered by dual 300W motors
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  • Best for the Money
  • Equipped with LED and ambient wheel lights
  • Durable construction with self balancing
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  • Best Mini Hoverboard For Kids
  • Dual motor design provides speeds of 7 Mph
  • Automatic balancing features easy for beginners
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  • Best Kids Hoverboard With Handle
  • Optimized app compatibility for theft and safety proofing
  • Strong design with powerful motors
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What Makes a Hoverboard Great For Kids?

Riding a hoverboard is so much fun that both kids and teens love this sport unconditionally. And if the vehicle offers versatility, then the rider gets a full chance to polish his talent. However, the versatility depends on the qualities and features incorporated in a hoverboard and how valuable it will be for the end-users.

The following factors make a hoverboarding a worthy purchase:

Kid-Friendly Functions

A product should be easy to use. Therefore, hoverboards come with easy, basic controls and settings. No complicated function should be included in a kid’s vehicle as it will confuse them, and they may lose control of it in the middle of the road, which is very dangerous.

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LED Lights

Colorful lighting is incredible for the unit’s appearance and also entices children. They prefer rich-colored objects rather than plain and boring things. The RGB lighting and flashlights go well with their interests. Due to these lights, kids can drive the unit at night time too.


Hoverboards come with flat-free and rugged tires that allow the rider to stand upright on elevated terrain. Furthermore, non-slipping rubber is used for surfacing the footpad so that your feet have a good grip.

Review of the Best Hoverboards For Kids

We are aware of the factors that parents look for in a hoverboard for their little ones’ safety and comfort. So, we have made a list of outstandingly safe and unique products and reviewed them in detail. Have a look!

Best Overall:
TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard


  • Does not catch fire
  • High weight-sustaining material
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Includes maintenance-free rubber tires
  • 165 pounds is the maximum load capacity


  • Battery drains very quickly

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers appreciated the Bluetooth-enabled LED lights, which allowed them to ride in dark places. People reported that they also used it at night with ease. No dim light situation stopped them from using the product. Buyers were content with their purchase and recommended others to rely on the product, primarily because of the one-year warranty.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most noteworthy quality of this unit is that it supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your phone. The multi-colored LED lights flash and change colors by syncing with the phone, adding great fun to the ride.

This vehicle offers a maximum speed of 12 km/h, which is enough for a safe and fun ride for a kid. Apart from this, the robust motor, controller, and battery are backed by a one-year warranty. The package includes a charger, which also covers a six-month warranty.

Bottom Line

To sum up, heavy-duty rubber tires and durable construction make the product highly resourceful for riders of up to 165 pounds. While being temperature and fire-safe, it is undoubtedly a wonderful riding companion for kids, whether for fun or professional purposes.

UNI-SHUN Hoverboard


  • No height limitations
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for kids of up to 12 years
  • Short charging time, longer run time
  • Easy and quick controls and functions


What Recent Buyers Report

The vibrant colors of the frame kept kids engaged in riding and made them more excited about their outdoor activities. Parents also appreciated the robust and stable construction of the unit. They also liked having the option of choosing from different variations.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With four different variants, it is hard not to take notice of this amazing product. Each series of the hoverboard involves remarkable and unprecedented features that are appropriate for kids of different ages. Most interestingly, the unit features bright LED lights, which further add on to the exceptional appearance.

The wheels also boast flashlights installed in unique patterns. These lights are a great help when riding in low-light conditions. Besides being lightweight and attractive, it also includes extremely feasible and easy-to-learn functions. As a result, kids won’t have to spend weeks learning to ride it.

It also features loud and powerful speakers that can connect with your smart devices to play music.

Bottom Line

Overall, the UNI-SHUN hoverboard comes in various models that are ideal for four to twelve-year kids. LED lights complement every series of the product. It also embodies a dual-motor that is powerful enough to deliver incredible speeds. The maximum speed you get with this unit is ten Km/h.

Best for the Money:
VEVELINE Hoverboard


  • No issues in moving uphill
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Large and slip-resistant footpad
  • Compact and lightweight, making it travel-friendly
  • Covers long distances with a speed of up to six miles per hour


  • Battery run time is very poor and unreliable

What Recent Buyers Report

According to customers, the LED lights were the most favorite thing. With the ability to ride at night, and for long distances, kids liked the fun and productivity levels this vehicle had to offer. Parents reported that the functions and controls were very easy to teach to young kids. Some safety features, such as the anti-slip pads, offered a great sense of security and safety to kids and parents.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Featuring a wide foot pad with embossed patterns, this unit ensures optimum stability and safety for the rider. To maximize the stability on the road, the 6.5-inch vacuum tires also play an integral role. These tires and the wide footpad make this unit suitable for adults too. It has an excellent load limit of 154 pounds.

The front of the hoverboard and the wheel rims also featured bright LED lights. These help light up the surroundings and give a great look to the overall unit. This unique model also rotates 360-degrees, allowing room for experimenting stunts and ultimately promising a lot of fun.

Bottom Line

Offering the capability of a 360-degree spin, flashing LED lights, and exceptionally safe and sturdy design, this is an ideal product for adults and kids both. It has an outstanding price-to-performance ratio, which makes it a great investment.

Best Mini Hoverboard For Kids:
Swagboard T881


  • Sustains impacts amazingly
  • Stable and reliable even on slopes
  • Convenient to operate and control
  • Only requires 5.5 hours to charge completely
  • Dual hub motor excels at providing high speeds


  • Does not have LED lights

What Recent Buyers Report

Teens, young kids, and young adults were common buyers of this unit. They report the model to be extremely well-constructed and robust. Many people even used the product for years and experienced no performance issues. A lot of buyers were also satisfied with the battery performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most hoverboards are almost impossible to ride on slopes and steep roads. However, this is an all-in-one solution as it is compatible with all types of terrains and roads. It not only runs smoothly on straight roads but also rides on hills angled up to 30°.

Made from ABS polymer, the rock-solid frame lasts for years with no change in the performance or shape. Other than this, the 250-watt motor allows you to enjoy a long-distance ride at a speed of seven miles per hour. A set of rechargeable batteries powers it. A 155-pound rider can also use this vehicle.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, bumps and slopes will no longer be an issue with this unit. It is exceptionally sturdy and strong and will withstand years of usage. The vehicle also has a great battery life and run time, allowing you to have a fun time without worrying about your hoverboard dying.

Best Kids Hoverboard With Handle:
Segway Ninebot S


  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • Speed goes up to ten miles per hour
  • Very easy and fast connecting mobile app
  • Knee-control bar can be used as a steering handlebar
  • Entirely waterproof construction, which ensures longevity


  • Poor quality charger

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers of this unit had a lot of appreciation for its mobile app that made controlling the hoverboard easy. Kids also liked the product because it could be safely used in the rain and on dirty terrains. Some people also took the vehicle to camping sites and on rough terrains, and reported excellent and satisfactory performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

High-tech features of the unit make it stand out in the market. It incorporates an app management system that acts as a communicator between the user and the unit. The app features quite a user-friendly interface that is bound to offer you great convenience.

Through this mobile app, you can manage the intensity of LED lights. There is also an anti-theft lock you can use through the app. Other functions of the app include providing battery status, vehicle maintenance, and other alerts such as overheating.

The magnesium alloy provides the unit with invulnerable strength and makes it water-safe. There is a joystick-like handlebar-mounted at the center, which easily supports beginners in attaining stability and navigating the hoverboard. This handlebar is detachable, so you can remove it once you learn to drive and control the vehicle.

Bottom Line

Besides being strong and robust, the magnesium-alloy construction reduces the product’s weight, thereby facilitating its transportation. By using the mobile app, you can get access to the functions like turning on/off LED lights, theft-control locking system, battery performance, etc.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Choosing the wrong hoverboard can endanger your kid’s life as well as of those around you. To make sure you pick a unit that poses no threat, here are some things to keep in mind:

No Handlebar

Hoverboards don’t have handlebars or any support to hold while riding. The rider has to learn techniques to stand upright and attain stability when exposed to bumps or gravel pathways.

Do All Hoverboards Catch on Fire?

Many models launched earlier had faced this issue. However, the problem is resolved in newer models, and no such cases have been reported recently. Nowadays, hoverboards are UL-2772 certified, meaning there is less than a five percent chance of these units catching fire.

Also, manufacturers now use inflammable materials and temperature-resistant batteries to make these units safer.

Are Hoverboards Still Dangerous?

These units have no life-threatening characteristics. All that matters is the product you choose is well-built and sturdy. You also need to consider the maximum speed of the unit.

Some brands offer speeds higher than 12 miles per hour to attract more customers. When kids ride their hoverboards at faster speeds, they risk their lives. So, avoid buying units with higher speeds and limit yourself to ten miles per hour as the maximum.

Be Careful of the Battery Status

Since these models are powered by rechargeable batteries, you should know the battery status before leaving the house. The battery must be fully charged so that you reach the destination without any trouble.

Also, make sure the battery is capable of covering the distance you wish to travel. 

What Safety Ratings Should a Kids Hoverboard Have?

UL-2772 certification has been set as a benchmark to verify the product’s safety level. If the product is UL-compliant, it is safe to use and can be relied upon for giving it to children.

Comparison Overview

In this section, we will compare the several kinds and categories of hoverboards that exist in the market. After this section, you will have a better understanding of which vehicle and models suit you the best. 

Segway Hoverboard vs Mini For Kids

Segways and hoverboards are very famous among kids as well as adults. Let’s go through their comparison.


Both products use electricity as a source of power. That’s why both are equally safe for the environment.


Segways include heavy motors and large components, which makes the product heavier and bulkier in size as compared to hoverboards. They also tend to have larger wheels.


There is a handlebar included in a Segway that is used by the rider for steering. In a hoverboard, there are pressure pads which we use for riding.

Kid’s Hoverboard 4.5 vs 6.5

The ideal sizes of wheels on kid’s vehicles are 4.5 and 6.5 inches. Here’s how the two compare to each other:

Low Ground Clearance

Due to the small wheel size, both are low-profile hoverboards and sometimes face difficulties on rough pavements.


4.5-inch wheels run slowly as compared to 6.5-inch wheels. The former offers a speed of up to five km/h, while the maximum speed of the latter is usually found to be ten Km/h.

Weight Limit

The smaller the size of wheels, the lower the weight capacity. So, the load limit of hoverboard 4.5 is 135 pounds, but it is less than that of the 6.5 model, which is 220 pounds.


4.5-inch wheels run slowly as compared to 6.5-inch wheels. The former offers a speed of up to five km/h, while the maximum speed of the latter is usually found to be ten Km/h.

Weight Limit

The smaller the size of wheels, the lower the weight capacity. So, the load limit of hoverboard 4.5 is 135 pounds, but it is less than that of the 6.5 model, which is 220 pounds.

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Skateboard vs Hoverboard

A skateboard is a wooden-made board, which is used to glide on the ground with the help of smaller sized, rollers-like wheels. Meanwhile, a hoverboard has a padded foot-area that is similar to a wooden board used in a skateboard. However, hoverboards are motorized and not manually driven. Let’s have a detailed look at the comparison of the two.

Hands-free Rides

Neither of the two boards requires you to control the steering with your hand. These are either self-balancing or require you to use your body for balance. 


In skateboards, the rider places one of his feet on the ground and the other on the board. For moving forward, he pushes himself against the ground to gain momentum.

On the other hand, hoverboards require both legs to be placed on the vehicle’s footpad. There are pressure pads that instruct the unit to move forward, backward, right, left, or even to stop according to your body’s motions.

Lighting Effects

Hoverboards illuminate themselves and their surroundings with the help of in-built LED lights. Meanwhile, there are no lights on a skateboard.

Bluetooth Technology

Many hoverboards are Bluetooth-enabled and possess built-in app connectivity. But no such facility has been introduced on a skateboard yet.

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How to Teach Kids to Ride a Hoverboard

Before you start giving your child riding lessons, don’t forget to equip him or her with protective gear like arm pads, knee pads, helmets, wrist pad, and a padded jacket. Once that’s done, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Hold your kid’s hand and guide them to carefully place their feet on the board.
  2. Keep holding them and help them acquire a straight and steady upright posture.
  3. Tell them to exert pressure on the pressure pads with a slightly forward-leaning position. Doing so will make them move forward.
  4. Once they learn to move forward, teach them to move backward by leaning their body backward, only slightly.
  5. Let them know that putting pressure on the right pad will turn the vehicle towards the left side, and by putting pressure on the left, they can move to the right.
  6. When kids have memorized these techniques, make them practice a few times so that they become used to these controls. However, we strongly recommend that you do not let them ride alone as they are still very young and need adult supervision.

For further assistance, be sure to refer to the video below for a full overview of what was just described.


The inclusion of Bluetooth speakers, RGB lights, highly powered motors, and durable construction in hoverboards has made riding the vehicle more fun than ever. Besides this, hoverboards also ensure protection and safety and meet the UL standards and regulations. Outdoor activities and rides have gotten a makeover with this vehicle, and your kid surely needs one. 

People Also Ask

For parents, nothing comes above the safety of their child. This is why they remain concerned about the use of hoverboards and look for relevant answers to their questions on the internet. If you are going to gift your child a hoverboard or if they already own one, go through this section and clear out any confusion.

What Age is Appropriate For a Hoverboard?

The suitable age to ride a hoverboard starts at six years. Many units claim that they are safe for a four-year-old too. However, that is too young to be riding outdoors and should only be restricted indoors.

How Much Does a Kids Hoverboard Cost?

The quality and number of features increase the price of the product. The cheapest unit will cost you around $100. It will only have basic features. If you want something extra like Bluetooth speakers, app connectivity, and LED lights, you will have to invest up to $500.

Are Cheap Hoverboards Safe?

It depends on the specifications and quality of the unit. Although it is obvious that a cheap model cannot have modern features, if the quality of the tires and frame, and life of the battery are satisfactory, then there should be no hesitation in buying it.

Are Hoverboards For Inside or Outside?

Hoverboards are for both indoors and outdoors. If the unit doesn’t ensure water-resistance and has terrible battery performance, it’s recommended to use it indoors. Some models boast LED lights, rugged tires, and long battery timing. These are outdoor vehicles and can also be used at night too.

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Are Hoverboards Waterproof?

The majority of the products are not waterproof. They tend to resist water but are not completely waterproof. This means that standing water can damage internal machinery. They can only survive splashes of water or exposure to minimal moisture. Some high-end models are waterproof, but they might cost extra.

What Year Did Hoverboards Become Popular With Kids?

These units were introduced as a new invention in the early years of the 20th century. However, they gained popularity and became common only until 2010. Today, they are packed with features and high-tech functions.

What Size Hoverboard for Kids?

For kids of six to eight years, 4.5 hoverboards are the best choice. Their speed, weight capacity, and motor power cater to the needs of a young kid. Meanwhile, 6.5 hoverboards are good for kids above the age of eight.

Are Self-Balancing Scooters Good for Kids?

Yes. Self-balancing scooters are safe for kids. Kids only have to use the product under the supervision of adults until they become adept at the sport. The unit allows the user to travel short distances at moderately high speed.