Heading into winter Berlin based shared scooter company Circ announces layoffs

Circ's electric scooters with solid tires and swapable batteries

Circ’s scooters are designed to reduce the cost of maintenance with swappable batteries and solid tires. The Berlin-based shared electric scooter operator, Circ (formerly flash), has made several layoffs in its HQ and regional operations. The exact number of employees let go hasn’t been confirmed but expected to be 50 employees or less than 10% …

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Superpedestrian is bringing autonomous maintenance to electric scooter fleets

A scooter rider takes an autonomous maintenance scooter for a spin

Maintenance of a shared e-scooter fleet is a large expense for operators. Superpedestrian is bringing their own scooter to market to bring this cost down with it’s vehicle intelligence platform. Using a combination of On-board and Cloud-based intelligence Superpedestrian can detect hundreds of situations that may lead to a scooter malfunction. This allows for autonomous …

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Voi raises $85M for its European shared electric scooters

VOI Electric Shared Scooters fund raise

The shared e-scooter company, Voi Technology, recently rasied $85 million in Series B funding. VOI operates in 38 cities across 10 European countries. They have 4 million registered users who have ridden on average 3.5 times each. Read More

Top Ten Strangest Scooter Laws

In Louisiana you can ride your scooter on the highway

The rise of electric scooters has resulted in a crazy patchwork of scooter laws. These sometimes goofy regulations vary not just from country to country and state to state, but often from city to city. Sadly, lawmakers really haven’t gotten a good handle on scooters yet, so whether you’re allowed to go 15 mph or …

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Fishing for scooters in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

Scooter Fisherman's Catch

The rapid growth of shared electric scooters in Paris France has created a new profession: scooter fisherman. Read More Members of Lime’s Urban Patrol team retrieving scooters from the river Seine in Paris, France. A rope with a metal hook on the end is thrown into the water, pulled until it snags a scooter, and …

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Complaint-ageddon Versus Scooter Heaven for ‘Frisco

Spin Scooter and San Francisco Bay Bridge

The e-scooter deal is done: For a full year, a minimum of 4,000 e-scooters will be here to stay in the City by the Bay.  And that’s just for starts, since if the four companies that got licenses play nicely that number gets automatically bumped to 2,500 each, meaning 10,000.  Can you say “Scooters everywhere”? …

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How Usain Bolt is Changing the Electric Scooter Game

lots of Bolt electric scooters

We needed another word for electric scooter and e-bike rentals, apparently, but this one seems on target: “micromobility”. And the micromobility dot-com name very quickly went to Usain Bolt. Since last year when his football (read: “soccer”) career ended Bolt, a.k.a. the Fastest Man Alive has been officially retired from sports and thoroughly busy in the business …

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Xiaomi M365 Review

Electric Scooter side view

The Xiaomi M365 was launched in 2017 and is still one of the best bangs for the buck scooters available. With a large owner base, this is the best scooter to customize with a sea of aftermarket parts. Check out our detailed Xiaomi M365 review below: Xiaomi M365 Review Xiaomi m365 Top Speed 15.5 mph 25 …

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Ford’s Safe Scooter Answer is… Sensors

Ford's Spin Scooter

Growing pains for rental e-scooters are showing up everywhere, from parking tickets to injuries and screaming matches.  How best to figure it all out? Research: Cameras and sensors, lab techs and bean counters, and Spin (Ford’s e-scooter division) have kicked off a study to look for some of these answers.  It’s a long way from …

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