Scooters are still a favorite across the globe when it comes to easier commuting. They are easy to ride and even easier to park as they take less space.

However, scooter thieves have made it hard for people to leave their scooters unsupervised even for a little while. This is something that a scooter lock can help with.

So, let’s see this ultimate round-up of the best scooter locks to see which one works for you.

Comparison Chart of the Best Scooter Locks

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  • Protected from dust by security plastic
  • Smooth dials for smoother use
  • Hardened zinc alloy for break-in protection
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  • Quality fingerprint recognition technology
  • Able to record 20 sets of fingerprints
  • Lock beam made from stainless steel
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made from hardened steel
  • Waterproof lock with mounting bracket
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  • Best Electric Scooter Lock
  • Good all-weather protection
  • Very high-quality mounting
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  • Best Scooter Wheel Lock
  • Manufactured with strong steel wire
  • Weatherproof to last long
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  • Best Kick Scooter Lock
  • Over 10,000 combination possibilities
  • Self-coiling design is easy to use
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Can Any Lock Be Used on a Scooter?

No, you cannot use any lock on a scooter as both your and others’ safety is at stake. Thieves who take away your scooter sell them to criminals who can dispose of the scooters when chased. So, it is better to have a scooter lock that is compatible with your scooter.

Moreover, some locks are more suitable for bikes than for scooters. They have a wider cable, which makes it easier for thieves to hammer the lock. So, you should avoid them and go for locks that have smaller cables. 

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How to Choose a Scooter Lock

Now that you know that not all locks are good for your scooter, you need to know which ones to go for. So, the following are some important considerations to keep in mind while making a purchase.

Wear Resistance

The lock should have a high wear resistance to stay functional. If your lock gives way to daily wear and tear, it will be easier for thieves to pick it. So, make sure to get a lock that stays resistant to weather and water damage as well. 


Now, the whole purpose of getting a scooter lock is to secure your scooter. So, a lock should offer you the best security. It should be hard for thieves to pick it even when you are away for a while. 

Ease of Carrying

Scooter locks can become hard to carry. Since there are no seats or stands for you to keep the locks on, you have to carry them while riding your scooter. So, they should be compact and practical so that you can travel with them. 

Cable Size

The size of a lock’s cable matters a lot too. If it is too small, then it will not fit your scooter well. However, if it is too large, anyone can put a crowbar or other tool between the cable and scooter to break it. So, it is best to choose a lock which has a moderate cable. 

Review of the Best Scooter Locks

The market is full of scooter locks promising to keep your ride safe, so it gets hard to choose one. Considering this, we have reviewed some of the best scooter locks that you should consider for your next purchase.    

Best Overall:
USHAKE Combination Lock Combo


  • Tight-fitting protects from dust
  • PVC coating to prevent scratching
  • Protective cover on combination dials
  • Hardened zinc alloy shackle is 14 mm wide
  • Heavy-duty lock with a solid plastic cylinder


  • Can be reset with Philips screwdriver

What Recent Buyers Report

People who invested in it lately are quite fond of this scooter lock. They liked its all-black exterior, which seems intimidating and reliable. Buyers took nicely to its PVC coating as well, which protects it from all kinds of scratching. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This scooter lock has stood out to us with its hardened zinc alloy shackle. Its thickness of 14 mm further enhances the strength of its shackle. It forms a long and secure U, which fits into the wheel spokes and the support. 

Furthermore, the lock has a cover on the combination lock, which hides it from the thieves’ view. It has a solid plastic cylinder, which keeps it safe from hammering. The plastic cylinder has a very tight fitting of all the components, making it impossible for dirt to get in. 

Bottom Line

The final word on this USHAKE scooter lock is that it is worth all the money that you spend on it. The PVC coating on it protects it from most kinds of external damage. So, getting this one can be a wise decision on your part. 

BILLCONCH Fingerprint Bike U Lock


  • Unlocks within 0.5 seconds
  • App to track unlocking record
  • USB charging with low battery display
  • Fingerprint lock with up to 20 sets of fingerprints
  • Higher cut resistance with 10-ton hydraulic shear protection


  • Lock is quite heavy
  • Low weather resistance

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers’ reports show that this scooter lock has left its mark on the people who have started using it. The fingerprint-based lock is easy to open because it does not need any keys. Buyers also like the simplicity of its layout, making its configuration easier. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is another cool addition to our list of the best scooter locks. It is so good because there is no need to keep any keys with you. You do not even have to worry about forgetting the combination that you set up. 

All you have to do is to keep your finger on it for merely 0.5 seconds, and you will be good to go. 

Along with this, there is sheer protection against cutting due to the 10-ton hydraulic. Thus, we have found it to be an impressive choice for modern users.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is the runner-up scooter lock that has reliable technology, helping to keep your scooter safe. As you can set up 20 sets of fingertips on it, the people you share your scooter with can also use it. So, getting this one will be beneficial for you in the long run. 

Best for the Money:
Dinoka Bike U Lock


  • Comes with a spare copper key
  • Hardened steel shack resists cutting
  • Locking flexibility with four-feet long cable
  • Silica gel layer to protect against daily wear
  • Weather-resistant frame ensures better security


  • Weighs 3.9 pounds
  • Keys are soft so need care

What Recent Buyers Report

Simply put, this scooter lock has blown buyers both with its price and safety features. They found it more useful because its shackle is 16 mm thick, which is way harder to cut than usual locks. It also has a cable that runs across the wheel spokes without any hassle. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Dinoka U lock has caught our eye with its high affordability and usability. The shackle is thicker and stronger than most other expensive scooter locks. Its shackle also has hardened steel in its construction, which makes it even more secure. The cable that comes with the U-lock is four-feet long and wraps around the scooter frame well. 

In addition to all this, the lock has a silica gel layer on its surface, keeping it new even after months of use. It also has a high scratch-resistance, which makes sure there are no signs of daily wear and tear on it. 

Bottom Line

Keeping all this in view, it is a wonderful scooter lock which has superior construction. It does not wither due to weather damage, so it stays with you for a long time. Also, it does not break your bank, so it is quite safe to invest your hard-earned money on it. 

Best Electric Scooter Lock:
Via Velo Heavy-Duty Bicycle U-Lock


  • 14 mm thick shackle
  • 90-day money-back policy
  • Double bolt crossbar design
  • Two keys make it more convenient
  • Hexagonal PVC coat to prevent corrosion and weather damage


  • Keys jam in it sometimes 

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who bought it for their electric scooters loved its usage. They reported having safer parking of their scooters even in busy areas. Buyers like its design, which has both a U-lock and a cable to wrap around the support or wheel.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has impressed us with its superior design and the reliability of the security offered. The shackle of the U-lock is 14m thick, which actively resists cutting and bending attempts. Also, it has a double bolt crossbar design, which goes well with most of the scooter models. The double winding of the cable makes it harder for thieves to mess with the lock. 

Moreover, the lock has a high resistance to corrosion and other natural damages due to the hexagonal PVC coating on it. To top it all off, it comes with two keys. So, even if you lose one, you can still unlock your scooter with the other one.

Bottom Line

Summing up, it is indeed an impressive scooter lock with such a strong frame. The additional protection measures in place are also amazing. Also, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no harm in investing in it. 

Best Scooter Wheel Lock:
Seway Scooter Lock Cable


  • Four-digit combination lock
  • PVC coating for wear resistance
  • Self-coiling cable is easy to carry
  • Tolerates up to 7 KN shear force
  • Universal fit for all bikes and scooters


  • No resetting of the lock

What Recent Buyers Report

This Seway scooter has got positive reviews from customers mainly because of its strength. Some of them reported that this lock helped keep their scooter safe in more than one theft attempt. They like its wear resistance too, which helps the lock stay functional for years.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have chosen this for the list of the best scooter locks because of the durability of its design. The self-coiling lock does not need much time to wrap around a surface. It can take heavy hammering without giving way. It can easily retain its shape even when a force of 7 KN is applied to it. 

The users can wind the lock around the handle of their scooter while riding it. This way, they will not have to carry the lock manually. Lastly, it has a four-digit combination lock, which opens up promptly when you need to unlock it. 

Bottom Line

In our opinion, it is a great scooter lock for those who ride a lot. It is easy to use and even easier to store when not in use. The additional PVC coats on it make it stay safe from any water or wear damage. So, it will be there to keep your scooter safe for a long time. 

Best Kick Scooter Lock:
Segway Ninebot 5-Digit Combination Cable Lock


  • Anti-slip rubber pad on the buckle
  • Easier storage of the coil based design
  • Offers over 10,000 combination options
  • Greater strength with braided steel cables
  • Mounting bracket helps in attaching it to other things


  • For limited scooter models only

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have come up with mixed reviews about this combination lock. They have liked all of its features from the coiling design to the set of combinations. While it can only work for limited models, those that used it had no complaints. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has gained our approval with the variety of combination options that it offers. With the availability of 10,000 combo choices, it is quite easy for users to have a set of numbers they like. 

Moreover, this scooter lock has an incredible inner core with braided steel cables. They make it hard to pick the lock, even with advanced picking techniques. Also, there is a non-slip rubber pad on the buckle to make it easy for you to unlock it even with wet hands. It helps you in locking and unlocking even during rain. 

So, it is one of the most highly recommended scooter locks on our list.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this is that it has an excellent finish and a reliable measure of security. The bracket that comes with it helps in using the lock on multiple objects. So, you can use it on anything that you want to keep safe without having to buy a new lock for everything. 

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Scooter Lock

Investing in a quality scooter lock will help you in multiple ways. You just have to be careful while buying one to enjoy these perks. Here is how you can benefit from a scooter lock.

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Safe Parking

Well, this is a no-brainer. The primary purpose of all locks is to keep your vehicle safe. You can easily park your scooter on the bike rack and have a run in the park, visit grocery shops, or run errands. 

Easier Commute

Scooter locks help you keep your scooter safe within easy access all the time. This way, you can simply unlock your scooter and go about your business without having to wait for a bus. Scooters are also environment-friendly, so using them is better, and a lock helps in riding one everywhere. 

Lesser Crime

Another great perk of having a quality scooter lock is that you can help in minimizing crime. Most of the bikes and scooters used in crimes are stolen. So, if you secure yours with a lock, there are lesser chances of robbery of your scooter and other crimes. 

Ease of Use

These locks are much easier to use than conventional chains. Chains take a longer time and do not offer the same protection as the locks. 

How to Lock Up a Scooter Properly

Having a quality lock to secure your scooter is quite important. But, locking up your scooter properly is the key to keeping it safe while you are not around. So, let’s have a look at how you can lock it up in the safest possible way.

  1. Most people use the lock on the wheel, shocks, or carrier of the scooter. All of these are quite easy to unbolt, so avoid doing this.
  2. The safest way of locking up your scooter is to run the lock around its frame
  3. It is much safer because the frame needs a lot of time to open.
  4. Another good way can be to use the lock on the upper part of the fork. It does not come off easily either, so there are lesser chances of theft.

The process of locking up your scooter is quite simple. Here is a video to make it even easier for you to learn it properly. 


Scooters are both affordable and easy to ride when you have to move in the neighborhood. So, most people prefer them over buses and any other modes of travel. But, their safety is a major concern, making it necessary to have a reliable lock to park them. So, choose one of the locks on our list and have peace of mind when you leave your scooter somewhere. 

People Also Ask

Due to increased crime, people have become worried about the safety of their scooters. This is why they want to be 100% sure of a lock’s capability before buying it. So, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help them out. 

Can You Lock Electric Scooters?

Yes, you can lock an electric scooter to make sure that it stays safe. There are multiple locks for electric scooters that are available on the market. You can look them up and see which one would do the trick for you.

How Do You Lock a Kick Scooter?

You can lock a kick scooter by using a simple cable lock. Most of the scooters have holes in them to fit these kinds of locks. All you have to do is to run the cable through the wheel spokes of and lock it in place. 

How Do You Secure a Ninebot Scooter?

Securing a Ninebot scooter is quite easy. Here are the simple steps that you have to follow to secure your beloved Ninebot.

  • Fold the scooter and position it next to steady and fixed support.
  • Run the lock cable or any other lock that you have through the wheel.
  • Turn the key and lock the scooter in place. Then tug at the scooter to make sure the lock is working alright. 
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Can You Use a Bike Lock on a Scooter?

Yes, you can use a bike lock on a scooter as well. Most of the bike locks are based on cable lock format. This makes it easier to use them on scooters as well. Also, most of the people lock their scooters to bike racks, which work well with all kinds of bike locks. 

How Do I Lock Up My Scooter on Campus?

It is easier to travel across campus on a scooter, so many students prefer to have one. But, there are many theft cases, so you have to lock up your scooter carefully. It is advisable to lock it in your own residence hall to avoid theft. A strong and secure lock helps in keeping your scooter safe while you have classes on campus.