If you wish to reach somewhere fast, an electric scooter can be a practical option to get there in style. 

These handy machines are lightweight and get you through daily traffic, making them a great way to travel around town. 

The compact and foldable design of electric scooters has increased their popularity, so we have rounded up the favorite ones currently trending on the market. Let’s have a look at them!

Comparison Chart of the Best Electric Scooters For Commuting

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  • Relies on 8.5" pneumatic tires for comfort
  • Folds and locks easily for storage
  • Recharge of batteries is fast and takes 4 hours
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  • Suspension on the front provides smooth rides
  • Motor is gearless and therefore quiet
  • Brakes are foot press activated
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  • Best for the Money
  • Two braking systems offer quick response
  • LED display shows the battery life and speed mode
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  • Battery of 7500 mph allows long range travel
  • Power saving mode is fitted to minimize consumption
  • Mechanical braking disk is used to increase response
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Can Any Electric Scooter Be Used For Commuting?

Electric scooters boast powerful motors that go with solid frames to provide a clean option for commuting locally on a daily basis. You will come across a range of electric scooters on the market with varying sizes and shapes. All of them have some distinct features like sturdy construction, Bluetooth app, and multiple lights, making them reliable for commuting.

Whenever you make up your mind to get a new electric scooter, always consider some key factors in order to avoid any regret in the future. Go for a model that is fast and features a lightweight body in addition to a great distance range. 

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What Makes an Electric Scooter Great For Commuting?

Before we jump into the review of our top picks, it is important to know why you need to spend your money on one of these. Read on to know the major characteristics that make an electric scooter a reliable option for your daily commute.


One of the foremost plus points of getting your hands on an electric scooter is that it is more eco-friendly than driving any other vehicle. These scooters are energy-efficient and, therefore, a reliable option for daily commute without getting tired.


An electric scooter is a convenient alternative to walking. It helps you reach the place whenever in a hurry. Plus, you can always use it for your short trips rather than walking to shops. Apart from reducing your journey time, the compact size of the scooter gets you through the traffic easily.


You can’t deny the fact that these electric scooters are relatively budget-friendly. They do not cost you much and have low maintenance expenditures. Most of them are manufactured from high-end materials that tend to last in the long run. Moreover, you don’t have to spend huge bucks on daily public transport to get to work on time.

Review of the Best Electric Scooters For Commuting

Electric scooters are a convenient way of commuting as they are fast and do not bother tight spaces. You can have a smooth and relaxing journey in the most eco-friendly manner. If you are fully intended to enjoy a comfortable ride on an electric scooter, here are our top-recommendations that are worth the investment.

Let’s get started!

Best Overall:
Gotrax GXL V2


  • Extremely portable and user-friendly
  • Powerful motor to allow a smooth ride
  • Gets recharged quickly to save the time
  • Features a lightweight design that is easy to store
  • Composed of high-end materials to serve you in the long run


  • Range is not fantastic
  • Screw caps are made from weak plastic 

What Recent Buyers Report

This scooter received immense appreciation from customers. They are very happy with the lightweight yet sturdy design of this vehicle. The most loved feature is its portable and compact design that makes everyday commute comfortable. Moreover, the two-speed settings give you better control during the ride.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the finest electric scooters on the market, this model is equipped with a mighty 250-watt motor, making it a powerful scooter. It can easily reach a speed of 15.5 MPH so you can easily get to the place whenever in a hurry.

Talking about the design, the scooter has a nice portable design that is quite easy to store as well. Similarly, the sturdy body is capable of bearing up to 220 lbs, without compromising on the high-end performance. 

Besides, it is not only fast but safe, as well as the batteries are certified to ensure reliability. The 36V battery with a four-hour recharge time lasts for 12.5 hours once fully charged.

Bottom Line

The Gorax GXL scooter has everything that you are looking for. Whether we talk about the robust build or the user-friendly design, it won’t disappoint you. Since it is not heavy to carry around, it is a go-to option for most small commutes. 

Glion Dolly Adult Scooter


  • Motor is quiet in its performance
  • Powerful battery for long-range commutes
  • Features a pop-out kickstand to mark perfection
  • Fast and equipped with bright lights for use at night
  • High-quality construction to make it a reliable choice


  • Not as quiet as advertised
  • Rubber wheels are relatively small

What Recent Buyers Report

This scooter is well-reviewed by customers. They love its simple yet reliable design that is not only sturdy but extremely portable as well. Its powerful battery has made it quite popular among adult commuters. Moreover, it is highly energy-efficient and combines speed and power in the best way possible. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our runner-up choice is a powerhouse of features. It comes with a powerful 36V battery that only takes three and a half hours to get fully charged. Moreover, the 250-watt brushless motor is deprived of any chains and gears, making it silent. 

The scooter can easily reach a speed of up to 15 MPH and has a range of up to 15 miles, making it great for commuting. There is an incorporation of electronic anti-lock brakes to allow maximum control.

Other than that, the overall design is robust and manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum to last long. Similarly, the tires are airless and made of rubber to reduce the chances of them going flat. 

Bottom Line

A great scooter on the list, this model is well built. The powerful motor and reliable structure make your everyday commute comfortable and fun. This fast-charging scooter has a long-distance range, plus the tires handle the bumps on the road with great ease.

Best for the Money:


  • Comes with a 3-month warranty
  • Foldable design to allow easy storage
  • Dual brake system to ensure a safe ride 
  • High-end construction to serve you in the long run
  • Probably the most pocket-friendly scooter on the market


  • Air tires might go flat at times
  • Relatively slow when compared to other models on the list

What Recent Buyers Report

According to reports, this scooter, being on the cheaper end of the scale, is quite popular among those on a tight budget. Despite that, it offers a great balance between the price and the features. Users love it for its foldable design and great battery life. The tires allow a comfortable ride, regardless of the road conditions. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Available at a reasonable price, this scooter from Gotrax is equipped with a 36-Volt battery that charges quickly. It is powered by a 250-watt motor that allows you to attain up to 15.5 MPH speed. You can easily cover up to 12 miles of distance with a fully charged battery.

This scooter has 8.5-inch pneumatic wheels that ensure a comfortable and smooth ride on any pavement. Talking about the brake system, this scooter comes with a rear disc brake along with a foot-brake to allow better control. 

As far as the design is concerned, this ultra-lightweight scooter can easily withstand up to 220 lbs. Moreover, the high-quality build can live through extreme weather conditions. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a great scooter within a suitable range, then this is probably the best option to get your hands on. It has a powerful motor with an impressive distance range to make your everyday commute better. What else would you want?

4. XPRIT Electric Scooter


  • Slimline design that is quite easy to store
  • Incredible distance range with a smooth ride
  • Powerful motor to live up to your expectations
  • Sturdy construction with the ultimate performance
  • Features an LED display to monitor speed and battery level 


  • Lock mechanism has plastic hooks
  • LED is not visible clearly during the daytime

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are very happy with the performance and distance range of this scooter. They report that the construction is very reliable, plus the design folds down in seconds to allow easy storage. Moreover, the incorporation of a flashing backlight and side reflectors enhance the confidence of customers in this scooter.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Xprit electric scooter comes with a sturdy aluminum frame that is not only durable but lightweight as well. You can easily carry it around and fold it in seconds, making it an ideal transportation device. Moreover, the compact design is capable of carrying up to 220 lbs. 

With a fully charged 7500 mAh battery, this scooter can cover up to 15 miles. Plus, the battery takes only two to three hours to fully recharge. There is an LED panel with multiple indicators to help you track battery and speed levels too. 

The 8.5-inch high tires keep you moving on unpaved roads as well. Finally, with the safe brake system, you can have full control over the scooter.

Bottom Line

A perfect model for commuting short distances, the Xprit folding scooter is packed with a powerful motor that helps you reach up to 12.4 mph speed. Moreover, the compact design allows you to keep it with you and, therefore, saves you from the tension of locking it somewhere outside.

5. Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter


  • Powerful motor to attain great speed
  • Multiple lights and reliable braking system 
  • Compact and portable design for easy storage
  • Great battery life to improve the distance range
  • Bluetooth functionality and app service for an improved experience


  • Relatively overpriced  
  • No information about any warranty

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users are impressed with the scooter’s long battery life and super powerful battery. The speed is just surprisingly amazing, and the distance range is relatively better. Moreover, the frame construction is tough and is complemented by solid tires to easily tackle harsh conditions while providing the ultimate performance. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Hiboy scooter mainly stands out to us for exhibiting an exceptional set of features. Talking about the design first, this scooter is manufactured from reliable materials to improve longevity. The solid tires can ensure a comfortable ride on bumpy rides. Moreover, the foldable design collapses in seconds for easy storage. 

It is powered by a 350W brushless motor that allows the rider to reach an amazing speed of up to 18mph. With a high-end battery, this scooter probably offers the longest distance range of up to 17 miles. There are multiple lights to let you travel in the night with ease. You can even lock it via Bluetooth. 

Finally, the dual-braking system featuring a disc brake and an anti-lock brake ensures an efficient and safe ride.

Bottom Line

A great scooter from Hiboy, this model is perfect for all-around usage. The low-profile and lightweight design makes the storage just a breeze. With a large battery, it is super-fast while keeping the commute safe, thanks to the incorporation of the double braking system

Pros and Cons of Commuting on an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have become quite popular for commuting in big cities. You probably have to consider multiple factors like modes of transport and the traffic situation while planning your daily commute to work. Here we have listed down some major pros and cons of investing in an electric scooter in order to help you make an informed decision.


An electric scooter brings tons of advantages to its consumers. Some of them are listed below:

Comfortable Ride

The major benefit of commuting on an electric ride is the fun and comfort you get to enjoy. Since these scooters do not require much effort from the user, you can easily reach your destination without being tired. 

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Saves Time

If you have slightly shorter commutes, then using an electric scooter would save you quite a lot of time. It makes the commuter shorter plus more fun. 

Easy Storage

Another underlying advantage of getting an electric scooter is its easier storage. Once you have reached your destination, you can fold it and keep it with you. Besides, these scooters are compact enough to store under your office desk, so you don’t have to pay for parking. 


While there are never-ending advantages of owning an electric scooter, there are a few drawbacks as well.

Battery Life

The major downside of any having an electric scooter is the hustle that comes with the battery life. The battery starts to wear down after a year and therefore, you have to go for a new one.

Low Distance Range

Another disadvantage is that an electric scooter has a short distance range. You can’t expect a range of more than 20 miles, even with new batteries.  


Electric scooters use a powerful motor to make your daily commute more fun. These not only provide good value for money but also save you money on transportation. This brings us to the end of this detailed review of the best electric scooters for commuting. Make sure to think with an open mind and do a bit of research before heading out to pick one.

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People Also Ask

Using an electric scooter is surely a great alternative to using public transport for short distances. This eco-friendly option is surely fun, affordable, as well as a great investment. Moving forward, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions by people regarding these scooters in order to ensure them a wonderful purchase. 

How Far Can You Commute on an Electric Scooter?

You cannot estimate the exact commuting range of any scooter as all of them have a different commuting time before the battery runs out completely. While some of them take only three hours to fully charge and last for up to 15 miles, others might take longer to charge but fail to cover even up to 12 miles. The distance generally is 8-30 miles.  

Can an Electric Scooter go Uphill?

Yes, electric scooters are designed to go uphill; however, it is not that simple. Factors like rider weight, acceleration, and motor power determine how steep of an incline an electric scooter can climb. A scooter with a dual-motor system is ideally recommended to use in hilly areas because of better and faster acceleration.

Can I Take an Electric Scooter on the Bus?

Yes, it is allowed to carry an electric scooter on a bus in some countries. However, you must abide by some laws as well, such as covering the dirty wheels and refraining from standing next to the exit. Just fold your electric scooter and get on the bus to travel with the utmost convenience.

Can You Ride an Electric Scooter Without Power?

Yes, it is possible to ride an electric scooter without power. If the battery is completely depleted, you can still be able to use it. Just push or start kicking the scooter until you reach where you need to be. Some of the models even come with a manual mode to help you in such situations to reach your destination.