Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters – 2021 Picks

| Last Updated: July 2, 2021

Riding has gone through a tremendous revolution since the invention of electric scooters. Being easy to use and affordable at the same time, electric scooters have made many people regular users. 

This article will reveal some of the best electric scooters available on the market. In addition, you will acknowledge the fundamentals that play a crucial role in their functionality. Furthermore, we will discuss the advantages and limitations in depth. 

Let’s get started!

Comparison Chart of the Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters

  • Long life battery that covers 16 miles
  • Strong motor rated 1200 watts
  • Hydraulic brake system for more efficiency
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  • Comfortable pneumatic tires of 10.5"
  • Can run self diagnosis on an application
  • Maximum weight limit of 220 lbs
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  • Best for the Money
  • LED head light and a horn
  • Seat is adjustable for more comfort
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  • Stability increased with the large tires
  • Long distance range of up to 34 miles
  • Recharge time of 4 to 5 hours
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  • Efficient motor with a rating of 1500 watts
  • 40 km travel range with a single charge
  • Large tires for better traction
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What is a Fat Tire Electric Scooter and What Are They Used For?

Electric scooters have almost the same framework that ordinary bikes have. A few distinguishing properties have put these scooters into a separate category. They use a rechargeable or replaceable battery system. Moreover, their components include a motor which acts as a powerhouse. 

The fat tires in an electric scooter do the job of transporting the rider. These tires are made of a thicker material, and the dimensions are kept larger than usual tires. The breadth of tires is huge so that they can sustain your weight. The broad frame also contributes to the stability required for beginners and for those who are not so skillful at riding bikes on terrain roads.

Why Did These Fat Tire Electric Scooters Make Our List

Our shortlisted fat tire electric scooters own such qualities that make these items worth consideration. These are not only the result of intelligent workmanship but also quite resourceful for the public in many ways. Now, let’s acknowledge those factors that increase the value of these scooters.

Load Capacity

This is one of the most important aspects since it is related to your own and your vehicle’s safety. The more the scooter’s load limit is, the more useful it will be. Most of the scooters we chose for our list boast a load capacity above 230 pounds, which is a good range for those with a heavy build too.

Range Per Single Charge

An electric scooter loses its efficiency if its battery drops after a few miles. Therefore, we included models whose distance range is around fifteen miles. Our picks are capable of moving to a distance of almost twenty miles with a 100% charged battery.


A battery alone is not responsible for a long ride. Motors, indeed, play a major part in the outcome of an electric scooter. Thus, we selected models that incorporate heavy-duty motors. Therefore, they not only attain high velocities but also serve for a very long period.


Scooters that ensure smooth and stable rides on rough and uneven grounds without causing the rider to experience sudden jerks are preferable. Our reviewed products include suspension in order to cut down on the painful jumps and jolts on bumpy roads.

Review of the Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters

The market contains numerous fat tire electric scooters, but few of them are worth buying. This section includes an unbiased review of the best ones available. So, go through the pros and cons of each and make a wise purchase. Also, you can take help from the buyers’ feedback about every scooter.

Best Overall:
eDrift UH-ES395

eDrift UH-ES395 Fat Tires 3-Wheel Electric Chopper Trike Scooter Moped with Shocks Harley E-Bike (Matte Black, 20AH) (Black, 20AH 30 Miles)


  • Long-lasting headlights
  • Needs only two hours to charge
  • Runs smoothly on pavement and asphalt roads
  • Hydraulic disc brakes perform well on sudden brakes
  • An indicator is there to display the status of the battery


  • Nuts and bolts loosen easily

An electric bike that operates on a Li-ion battery and is supported by a 1200W motor, thereby ensuring a mileage of nearly twenty-two miles on a full charge. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are happy with the product. They reported that the motor served them excellently. Moreover, they are impressed by the load limit. People reported that they had no issues while using it. They also appreciated the headlight feature due to which it became easier for them to ride the scooter at night.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The three most noteworthy things about this scooter will surely make you invest in it. First of all, the weight capacity is exceptional, which is 440 pounds. Hence, heavyweight individuals can also use it without thinking twice.

Secondly, it works on a Li-ion battery, which takes one to two hours to charge fully. One single charge is enough for a ride of sixteen to twenty-two miles.

With a 1200W motor, the scooter exhibits astounding performance. It doesn’t create distracting noises and is not prone to frequent wearing. In addition, the tires, being quite wide, provide the utmost stability to the vehicle and support the scooter on rough roads.

Bottom Line

Having features like a 1200W motor, speed control switch, ultra-wide tires, 440-pound weight limit, and a battery indicator, the scooter would be the most appropriate choice for kids and adults as well. Moreover, it offers high mileage, meaning you can travel up to twenty-two miles with a fully charged battery.

Segway Ninebot S Smart

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with LED light, Portable and Powerful, Black, Large


  • Maximum speed is ten mph
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Offers 13.7 miles with a charged battery
  • Climbs an inclination of up to fifteen degrees
  • LED lights available for rides in low light conditions


  • A little slower than high-end electric scooters

Users who want waterproof and reliable construction, three-speed settings, anti-slipping tires, and app connectivity in an electric scooter should consider this product.

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers seem to be glad to have bought this scooter. What they liked the most is the app connectivity. People reported that with the help of this app, they could control the features of the scooter very easily. Kids also uttered praiseworthy remarks about it. The well-built body gained much appreciation from buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The scooter possesses an interesting connectivity feature through which it can connect to any phone. In this way, you get access to the functions like firmware upgrade, speed adjustment, light control, theft protection, and remote control.

The aircraft magnesium alloy is used in its construction, which makes it super durable and long-lasting, and enables it to survive heavy loads efficiently.

It is not only convenient to use and store but also comfortable to ride. Besides the compact size, the detachable handlebar allows for hassle-free storage even in narrow spaces. Moreover, the PU foamed handles keep you safe and stress-free throughout the ride.

Bottom Line

If you want an innovative bike, then you should try this unit. The app connectivity allows full command over speed and light adjustment and firmware upgrade. The two wheels firmly hold on to the ground while climbing on the road inclined to fifteen degrees.

Best for the Money:
SAY YEAH Electric Bike

SAY YEAH Electric Bike 500W Brushless Hub Motor Scooter,3 Wheel Sit/Stand Tricycle, Adult Mobility Scooters, LED Light and Blasket,Man and Womann Scooter


  • Comes with a horn
  • Rider can adjust seat accordingly
  • Handles weights of up to 250 pounds
  • Capable of moving in the reverse direction
  • A fully charged battery lets the scooter cover five miles


  • Very heavy to move
  • Lacks adequate suspension

With the reverse control, air-filled tires, 500W motor, and 250 pounds load limit, this scooter makes riding even more enthralling.

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of buyers recommended this scooter to others. They used it for several years and found no issues in the meantime. Furthermore, they reported that the tires are of high quality and don’t wobble on uneven surfaces. Also, they remain firmly positioned in muddy fields.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The design of this scooter is worth recognition. LED lights at the front facilitate users to ride in dim light situations, thereby avoiding the chances of accidents. Many electric scooters come without horns. Fortunately, it entails a horn by which you can ride like a pro on busy roads.

With the reverse feature, the scooter appears to be more similar to a fuel bike. The seat, being adjustable, allows you to sit in a position you like the most. Apart from that, the scooter runs at a speed of up to twenty mph. In short, riding it will be boring no more if you have the Say Yeah Electric Bike.

Bottom Line

The air-filled tires provide the desired stability to the scooter, no matter what weight has been loaded or the road you choose to ride on. The horn, reverse function, and LED lights are features that enhance its functionality.

4. OUTSTORM Offroad Electric Self Balance

OUTSTORM 4000w/ 84v Powerful Off Road Electric Self Balance Golf Cart Vehicle / 34 Miles Range/13MPH Speed/ 8.8Ah Battery/19in Wheels (2400w/ 72v /7.8Ah / 28 Miles Range/Gray)


  • Embodies a 2400W motor
  • Charges within four to five hours
  • Wide base is available to place your feet
  • Incorporates bright LED lights at the front 
  • Allows the user to lock or unlock the vehicle through the app


  • Not ideal for kids

The potential of covering up to 34 miles at a speed of 13 mph one a fully charged battery on a 35-degree slope with a load of 330 pounds makes this product stand out in the crowd.

What Recent Buyers Report

This scooter is successful in satisfying the majority of its buyers. According to people, it has all the features that help them ride it anywhere they want to. They also reported that they faced no problem while riding it on a 35-degree slope. Thus, people encouraged others to give it a try.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Tracking mileage, speed, battery, and accessing the locks through the phone app is not difficult as long as you have this scooter. The heavy-duty motor of 2400W enables it to move at a speed of thirteen mph while carrying as much as 330 pounds of weight. It faces no hurdles even while climbing on 35-degree angled roads, thanks to the 2400W motor.

Its base is kept wider, which tends to spread the whole weight of the rider evenly so that the vehicle stays balanced at every turn and speed. This base also provides sufficient room to house your feet.

Bottom Line

The scooter has the tendency to ride smoothly on slopes having a tilt of 35 degrees. The ability to control your scooter’s behavior through a simple mobile app is something extraordinary in this product. Moreover, the weight capacity of 330 pounds encourages heavy-weight persons to enjoy it too.

5. City Coco Electric Scooter

TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 60v 1000W Fat Tire Scooter with LED Light Electric Power Scooters WERCS Battery Certificate(Black)


  • Can handle 200 Kgs weight
  • Does not slip on instant brakes
  • Contains two batteries, each of 20Ah
  • 50 Km/h is the maximum attainable speed 
  • Can go up roads having a 35-degree inclination


  • Assembling it can be head-scratching

The 1500W motor, together with two Li batteries and hydraulic brakes, enables the bike to move at 50 Km/h on slightly tilted hills.

What Recent Buyers Report

People had no words to describe their feelings regarding its credibility. They spoke highly of its construction that it allows heavyweight people to sit on it. Moreover, the 1500W motor also delivered awesome results, which only lead to more people being interested in buying it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It entails a 1500W motor that is responsible for its high speed of approximately 50 Km/h. It is this motor that allows a load of 200 Kg without compromising the maximum speed. Hence, the motor makes the scooter last longer.

This electric scooter comes with two 20Ah batteries with a charging time of around six hours. It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that are suitable for immediate and accurate brakes. The best part about these brakes is that they restrict slippages on wet or muddy surfaces. Furthermore, the tires ensure a safe ride on 35-degree slopes. Hence, this is an all-in-one electric scooter.

Bottom Line

Running on two batteries, this scooter promises to provide a ride with more mileage. The 1500W motor keeps the scooter steady at angled roads as well. The scooter, coupled with the speed of 50 Km/h and a load limit of 200 Kgs, behaves as an extraordinary model.

Pros and Cons of Fat Tire Scooters

An electric scooter is quite a productive vehicle. It introduces various benefits that attract most people. However, it also brings a few disadvantages to it. Let’s look at both sides of the story so that you can decide if you want to invest in a fat tire scooter. 


The product entails the following benefits.

Cost-Effective Option

Electric scooters don’t require expensive fuel to run. Instead, they operate on Li batteries that neither ask for frequent replacements nor need a huge investment.

Ease of Use​

Electric scooters include functions that are convenient to understand and operate. You become acquainted with its controls at the very first use.

Hassle-Free Parking

When it comes to parking the vehicle, an electric scooter keeps you tension-free. A little space will be enough to park and store because of its compact dimensions.


People often assume that since it possesses fewer functions, it might not have the stability that other bikes have. But electric scooters have astonishing stability and perform very well on terrain roads and tilted hills.


During the use of an electric scooter, you may encounter the following limitations.

Not Recommended For Long Distance

Although it is designed to go a long way, an electric scooter is not highly appropriate for large distances. The scooter may run short of battery, or the motor may lose power efficiency if used for long distances.

No Proper Protection From Theft 

The portability and lightweight body encourage thieves to steal the scooter. They can easily carry or drag it without coming into the notice of others.


The presence of high-power motors makes these electric scooters more trustworthy, meaning these products have the potential to gain higher speeds and promise a long lifespan. The inclusion of hydraulic brakes maximizes the possibility of instantaneous brakes. Moreover, the Li-ion battery, headlights, lock systems, and phone connectivity, altogether, will upgrade a rider’s experience for sure. Therefore, a fat tire scooter can be a great investment. 

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