7 Useful Electric Scooter Accessories – 2021 Must-Have Options

| Last Updated: May 4, 2021

So you have a scooter, perhaps a Varla Electric Scooter, which is great for getting around on short trips in an eco-friendly, economical way. An off-road electric scooter is great for a more adventurous trek on more challenging terrains while a dual-motor electric scooter can get you where you want to go faster. 

But no matter the type of scooter, and no matter how useful it is in your life, it will always be lacking some level of appeal or usefulness. But don’t worry, where there are shortcomings in the electric scooter world, there are plenty of great accessories to help your use of the electric scooter far better. 

Here are just a handful of examples of ways and methods by which you can make your electric scooter more useful and cooler.

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When you take your scooter for a ride to do some errands, you are unlikely to want to haul it around with you when you enter stores or stop at your various destinations. 

Leaving the scooter outside is not exactly the brightest idea. After all, you are likely not the only one to think your scooter is an awesome property. Less than savory characters always have their eye out for fun gadgets left around unattended. 

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By purchasing a sturdy lock helps you assure that no matter where you leave your scooter, the lock will make those greedy hands of thieves less likely to go after your prized transport. Just keep in mind that not all locks are equally secure. 

U-lock brackets are the hardest for thieves to deal with, so they are your best choice. If you have to settle for cable locks or chains, those are fine too, but they can be conquered by wily thieves a bit more easily.

Front Light

While most electric scooters have low-mounted lights attached to them, they tend to be dim, and are not at all useful in a dark environment. If you plan on riding the scooter into the night hours a bright LED light can help you see what is in front of you for quite a distance. 

Riding in the dark presents its own set of problems, especially if there is something in the road that your lights do not illuminate well enough. There are few things worse than having your scooter malfunction or riding over something that will send you flying and getting hurt. 

The light does not just give you the ability to see the road better, it lets others on the road, specifically in vehicles, see you better too, reducing the risk of accidents.


It's easy to forget when sailing along on a scooter that you are ultimately still riding a vehicle. And if you are in the streets, you need to keep track of who is around you at all times to keep yourself, and fellow occupants of the road safe.

As drivers of cars and motorcycles on the road utilize rearview and side mirrors, it only makes sense that you join in the practice.  

Since scooters come with mirrors attached, but many do not. Glancing over your shoulder constantly to make sure there is no other vehicle approaching can get frustrating and stressful fast: not something you want during a comfortable scooter ride. 

Mirrors are an inexpensive but useful addition to your scooter, with some as low in price as $5. They install easily, adjust simply, and are removed when not needed.

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Carry Handle

You can take the scooter to many places, but you can’t take it everywhere. You won’t be riding it into stores or scaling stairs in one. 

Power scooters deliver a good punch in terms of speed and ease of travel, but the trade-off tends to come when it comes to portability. Luckily, most scooters don’t weigh too much, so it's easy to pick them up. 

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However, hauling them around by whatever “portability means” the scooter makes available is not always great.

However, investing in a simple, inexpensive, but extremely useful carry handle can be a real savior. 

There are many good options including simple handles that attach with three strips of velcro.

On the outside is a padded handle for a carry strap.

This will give one central leverage point to bring the scooter anywhere you wish once you fold it.

Phone Holder

We rely on our phones so much these days for everything from providing us directions to contacting our loved ones. Losing one or having it damaged due to slippage or a fall while trying to handle it during a scooter ride is as risky as it is irresponsible. 

When riding a scooter, especially at relatively rapid speeds (in scooter terms) looking at your phone is a no-no, but if you need it for purposes of having a map, likely, a simple, inexpensive phone holder that attaches to the side of one of the handlebars is going to be one of the most useful accessories for your needs.

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Front or Rear Storage

Sometimes you need to bring things along on your scooter ride. Sure, you can slap a backpack on your back, but those can wear on your shoulders after a while. 

If all you are packing is some house keys, a wallet, and a phone, small zip pouches have just enough room. These attach right to the front of your scooter, so if you are using them, it is nearly impossible to lose sight of them.

Sometimes scooters require repairs, and when the need strikes, it's good to have some tools on hand. Luckily, a rear trunk can typically be installed on the rear of the scooter to house all of these. If you are running errands on a scooter, some involving picking up a couple of things at the grocery store, you will need a way to hold them. 

For that reason, many practically-minded scooter riders have a basket installed as an attachment at the front of their scooter too. This way, you can pack a few things you need to get home while still hanging on to the scooter.


When you are moving in an open vehicle, feeling the breeze on your face is part of the experience. But your road cohabitants can incidentally have their vehicles kick up clouds of dust or worse rogue pebbles that shoot out from under rapidly rotating tires. 

Catching one of those to the face won’t feel great. Catching one of those to the eyes....well, that's next level awful.

Regular sunglasses might do in a pinch to protect your eyes, but they can crack when hit. This might startle you into a fall. However, some biker glasses, many of which are stylish and comfortable, are not only tinted to protect your eyes from direct sunlight (another pesky downside of riding with bare eyes open) but will be better able to mitigate any flying debris that is bound for your face. 

Plus they keep the wind and dust out of your eyes, assuring you can see the road better.

There are many other accessories to consider, but from practicality, safety, and intelligence standpoint, the above are near essential. Some scooters might actually come with some of those already included, but chances are some will need a little more investment. 

Luckily, none of the mentioned accessories will break the bank and are sure to enhance the ease and comfort of your lovely scooter ride.

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