If you’re someone who loves to do scooter stunts, then you definitely need a trick scooter ramp. These ramps come in different shapes and sizes, can be used by both pros and beginners, and allow you to become a pro at these stunts. 

But for that, you need to choose a good ramp that will help you in mastering all these tricks. To find a good ramp option for yourself, keep on reading the article. 

In this article, we will be reviewing a few of the best trick scooter ramps so that you know which one to opt for, so let’s dive right in!

Comparison Chart of the Best Trick Scooter Ramps

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  • Very easy to set up
  • No extra tools are required
  • Made from sturdy and durable materials
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  • Best for the Money
  • Offers many assembly possibilities
  • Assembly is quick and easy
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  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Made from very hardy plastic
  • Easy to move and store away
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  • All necessary equipment included
  • Pre-cut to allow easy set up
  • Made with quality plywood
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What Size of Trick Ramp Do I Need? 

Firstly, in order to get a good-quality scooter ramp that would last you a while, it is essential that you get one that features the right dimensions according to your requirement. Therefore, you must take into consideration the space you’re working with before you make a purchase. 

When setting up the ramp, you need to evaluate the space available. Now, if you’re working with a big unit, you will require a lot of space and a bigger budget. There are many smaller ramp options available as well that you can consider. Use the smaller one first, and if you feel like you need to upgrade to a bigger size, you can always get a bigger one. 

Another great option is to get a ramp that comes with additional pieces that allow you to increase the ramp’s surface. However, before you make any decision, don’t forget to consider the weight of the ramp, as well as your weight and the weight of the scooter before you make the purchase.

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How to Choose a Trick Scooter Ramp 

When purchasing a scooter ramp, you will see that the market is full of different options for you to consider. However, there are certain factors that you should not compromise on when making your purchase. We have listed these factors for you to consider before you make any decision. 


You will find many various options for different brands in different styles and sizes. However, it is important that you buy one that will suit your requirements, and you can easily set it up in the space you have available.


Scooter ramps need to be made of sturdy materials. This is an important factor as it will influence the durability of your ramp. You need to opt for one that will last you a long period. 


You need to make sure that the unit you are opting for is sturdy enough such that it stays in its place at all times. Therefore, it is better to opt for a unit that features fixtures and screws and can easily be installed.


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Portability is another important factor that you should consider before purchasing your ramp. If you will be moving your ramp around, then you should opt for a unit that is either foldable or one that features a carry handle. However, if the portability does not matter to you, it is better to get a heavy and solid unit. 

Price Range

Different brands have different prices. Now, if you’re on a budget, it is better that you analyze your options before you go to make your purchase. This way, you’ll only spend what you’re willing to spend.

Review of the Best Trick Scooter Ramps

Trick scooter ramps are great for all those who wish to learn different types of stunts. The market is full of various options for you to choose from. However, with the various different brands and styles available, it can get overwhelming.  

And so before you make a purchase, it’s better if you look at the different features you’re being offered. Here are some of the most sought-out trick scooter ramps to find one more suitable for you. 

Best Overall:
Landwave Skateboard Starter Kit with 2 Ramps and 1 Deck


  • Additional parts are easily available
  • Unit is sizable and can be expanded
  • Can be assembled according to one’s requirements
  • Quite versatile, and can be used for other vehicles too 
  • Easy to install, does not require specialized tools for the installation


  • Comes with a lot of parts
  • Design isn’t suitable for grass and gravel surfaces

What Recent Buyers Report

According to different users, this Landwave unit is a great option; it is durable, can be easily moved around, and is very safe to use. The assembling process is quick and easy; you simply have to hook them in, giving you the option of trying out different formations. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Landwave unit is the best option for bikes, RC cars, skateboards, and inline skates. The assembly process is very quick; you don’t need any specialized tools to set it up. 

Moreover, you can easily expand the unit as well with other Landwave products and can make your own personal assembly combinations. It also features a tractable surface made of sturdy, durable plastic that helps ensure safety. 

The unit also features two soft rubber feet that help make the unit a lot more stable and prevent it from sliding. This ramp is perfect for all those who wish to use it in their homes for practice. 

Bottom Line

The Landwave ramp model is made of durable materials, so it will last you a long period of time despite all the stunts you may perform on it. It is a safe and practical option that can be used within your home to practice. It offers you portability, flexibility, and overall is a great option for you to consider.

Best for the Money:
Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack


  • Budget-friendly option 
  • Doesn’t slip and slide around
  • Comes equipped with two ramps
  • Can be used for different activities
  • Assembly process is very quick and easy
  • Suitable to use for both kids and adults alike
  • Made of durable material and will last a long period 


  • Not for RC cars
  • Difficult to separate the two ramps

What Recent Buyers Report

As per most users, this unit is a great option. It is made of thick, durable, high-quality materials, which prevents it from wear and tear. You can easily connect the two ramps; these ramps are very snug, which prevents them from separating easily, thus ensuring safety. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

These ramps are a good option for both adults and kids alike. You can easily set them up in your backyard. They can be used for skateboarding, scootering, cycling, and can be used for BMX bikes and skates both. 

This Landwave unit is made for outdoor activities and will not wear out that easily. The ramps are perfect for practicing different stunts; they have the perfect angle, which offers a good amount of airtime. This duo can be used to make an assortment of setups to try out different stunts. 

In addition, these skateboard ramps feature rugged construction, which helps in ensuring longevity. It is an affordable option that won’t break the bank and offers great service.

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is a great option; you can easily set it up and use it for different activities. It can be combined and can be expanded, allowing you to make your own personal designs. It features a durable plastic, which makes it a sturdy option that will last you a long time. 

3. Ramptech 2′ Tall x 4′ Wide QUARTERPIPE Skateboard Ramp


  • A sturdy unit made of high-quality materials
  • Features handles that make it easy to move around
  • Features the perfect size to use in your backyard
  • Very easy to put together and it also comes with visual instructions


  • For some people, the ramp is a bit narrow

What Recent Buyers Report

This Ramptech ramp is a great unit according to different users. You can easily assemble the unit; it requires no specialized tools. The actual surface of the ramp is not slippery, which makes it a lot safe to use. It is a durable option that will last a long time. The Ramptech QUARTERPIPE also features wheels on the back, which allow you to tip it over and move it around easily. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

One thing that makes the Ramptech QUARTERPIPE stand out is that it is very easy to put together. All the materials are pre-cut precisely, and it also comes with visual instructions that are easy to follow. You can set it up without any issues as it comes with pre-drilled holes for your ease. 

The ramp is also made using a high quality, durable material: ABS plastic. This ensures the longevity of this ramp. It also features HDO side panels and high-quality screws along with galvanized steel coping that helps make it a durable and sturdy option. 

Lastly, the QUARTERPIPE comes with casters; you can easily move it around your backyard without facing any hassle. 

Bottom Line

The Ramptech QUATERPIPE is a great option for all those searching for an outdoor ramp. This model features a design and construction that prevents it from getting damaged by weather. It is an easy-to-use and installs a unit that requires little effort when moving it around. It is definitely a good option.

4. OC Ramps Halfpipe Ramp- 8-ft Wide


  • Galvanized to prevent it from rusting
  • OC Ramps are both easy to install and use
  • Made of high-quality material and is sturdy
  • A weatherproof option that offers durability


  • May slide around while being used
  • Might not be suitable for people who are pro at stunts

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users prefer the OC ramp as it features high-quality wood. Moreover, all of the ramp’s metallic parts are galvanized, which helps prevent it from rusting. It features a decent size, making it a good option for both beginners as well as pro scooter stunt performers. This ramp can easily be set in your backyard, and since it is weatherproof, it won’t get damaged easily. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The OC ramps are designed to offer comfort and enjoyment. They come as a kit that allows you to set it up easily. It offers a simple installation as it features pre-cut and pre-drilled boards. It also comes with an instruction manual full of vivid illustrations to help you set up the ramp. 

This unit features rust-proof screws, galvanized metal parts, and plywood made using the highest quality exterior lumber. This OC model is suitable for people of all ages and can be easily used by both beginners and pros alike. 

Bottom Line

These OC Ramps are a great investment; they feature a sturdy, high-quality plywood and lumber exterior half-pipe, making it different from other options. It is an easy-to-install and use the ramp that can be used to learn different types of tricks. 

5. Goplus 6′ Portable Folding Aluminum Wheelchair & Scooter Ramp Heavy-duty Non-Slip


  • Both easy to use and install 
  • Offers hassle-free transportation 
  • Can be folded just like a briefcase
  • Made using aluminum; it is sturdy and rust-proof
  • Features two guardrails to assist with the transitioning


  • Heavy which makes the transportation a bit difficult

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users find this Goplus unit a sturdy option. You can easily fold it up and can store it away after you’re done using it. It is made using durable material; therefore, it will last for a long time. Moreover, it is a safe option, and it doesn’t slip.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this Goplus unit as it is made using aluminum, and it features a built-in handle, which makes it easier to move it around. The ramp is very durable; it has been welded such that it can bear a maximum weight of 600 lbs. 

The aluminum prevents it from rusting, which makes it the perfect model for outdoor use. It is a sizable option that can be used for both wheelchairs and scooters alike. This ramp features a serrated top that helps prevent one from slipping and getting hurt. 

The 2.5” angled lip and the pre-drilled holes make it a lot easier for one to install it without facing any hassle. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this unit is a great pick for all those people who want to learn tricks in their backyard. This Goplus unit is perfect for all outdoor activities. It is rust-proof and a portable option, and you can easily assemble it without any issues. It is a practical option for all those who wish to learn different stunts. 

Perks of Getting a New Scooter Ramp

If you are someone who loves to try out different scooter stunts, you would know how it feels to get a new ramp. Here are some other benefits of getting a new ramp for your scooter:

You Can Use it Within the Comfort of Your Own House

Having a new ramp of your own allows you to try out new tricks within the comforts of your own home. You don’t have to leave your house to go anywhere; you can have a fun time in your backyard only.

You Are Assured of Its Safety

Investing in a good-quality scooter ramp helps ensure the safety the ramp will be offering. With a new ramp at your disposal, you can try out different stunts with a profound peace of mind since you know that the possibility of an injury is minimal. 

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Landwave Skateboard Starter Kit with 2 Ramps and 1 Deck

Will Last You a Long Time 

With these angled scooter ramps, you can use them without having to worry about it damaging your property. Most of these new ramps are galvanized that helps prevent it from getting damaged. This way, you know that your ramp will last you a long time and is worth the money.

You Can Choose One That Suits Your Requirements

You can opt for a suitable ramp for your kids or for yourself according to your requirements. You can choose whichever ramp you like that suits your requirements, so you won’t have to settle for what is available. 


Trick scooter ramps are great for all those people who love to learn new tricks and do scooter stunts. The market is filled with different brands and styles, so choosing the right one can be really difficult. Therefore, we have narrowed the different options of scooter ramps that you should consider before making a purchase. 

You need to choose an option that is suitable for your space, is budget-friendly, and is a sturdy option that will last for a long period. While these ramps will bear all the wear and tear, if you want your unit to last you a good time, you must also look after it. 

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People Also Ask

While making your purchase, you might be curious about certain things. Buying a scooter ramp can be quite a difficult task, considering all the various available options. It can get quite confusing. But don’t worry; here are a few questions that most people ask before they purchase their scooter ramps. You can go through them to clear your head of any queries. 

What is the Best Material For a Ramp?

So what material would be the best for these scooter ramps? Well, you must make sure that your ramp is made of high-quality materials. Some of the best and durable ramps are usually made using ABS plastic, galvanized steel, etc. If you are opting for a wooden unit, it is important that you make sure that the lumbar used is of high quality; otherwise, it will break down within a short period.

How Heavy Are Trick Ramps?

When choosing the ramp you want, you must take the ramp’s weight into consideration. If you’re going to be moving your trick ramps a lot, it will be very difficult for you if they are heavy. 

Moreover, the strength and the durability of these ramps do not require them to be heavy; in fact, even ramps that are light in weight are strong and durable.

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Are Trick Ramps Safe?

Yes, scooter ramps are safe; however, they must be securely installed. Moreover, you need to make sure that the ramp itself is made using durable, high-quality material so that it doesn’t break and cause any injury.  

Furthermore, if the ramps are not correctly installed, they could move from their position while being used. Therefore, as long as all the instructions are being followed, they will be safe to use. 

How Do I Store a Ramp After Use?

Once you’re done using the ramps, you should cover it up with a plastic tarp to prevent it from being damaged. Remember, the weather can actually cause severe damage to your ramp; therefore, you must cover it up once you’re done using it. You can also store them in your garage or any open space inside your house; this will help extend their life.