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By Vyt

I am new here and love to see fellow scoot loving people.

I was also thinking how to improve this M365 and came up with idea how to add additional battery capacity without adding that ugly case attached and waste feet space on the deck.

Idea is, getting 10 pcs of 16650 type batteries. Found some on Aliexpress: € 3 7%OFF | 1pc/lot 100% Original for Sanyo UR16650ZTA 16650 2500mah battery 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery with flat top
They are a bit thinner than usual 18650 and of course has less capacity (2500mah declared). Anyways, plan is to use steering pipe as a vessel, two of those 16650 fits together into it. Also found a suitable bms to fit. My only concern is - do 16650 give enough current to work in scooter? Theoretically load should divide by current on both batteries.

Any insights are appreciated!
Thats been in my want to list for a while.
My plan is take the mast and aux battery from Segway ES and fit it to replace the mast of a M365. Of course keeping M365 handlebar & dash.
Chances I wont build a new BMS, just take my chances I dont burn down my workshop.
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Vyt wrote:
Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:53 am
Found this bms which would fit easily.

I was thinking to adapt Segways additional battery on M365, but prices of those are terrible.
Your ali links does not open item, just main page for me. Seems because valid for your login only. Give item name.

anyway, perfect, if it fits

standard 18650 does not fit?

Buy a st link v2.

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