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Freebird wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:27 pm
These just started showing up in town in addition to the other seven other vendors in Atlanta. Anyone know who makes it and what model?

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The base tells me it’s a Segway Ninebot ES2. Has a custom head on it likely to hold their custom hardware.
They are really nothing like a Segway. Battery is in the bottom. Has larger 9.5/10" wheels. 350w Motor. Solid tires, but still nice and grippy. No suspension at all, but still a nice ride. The only real knock I'll give them is that the frame welding looks like garbage. I will not be surprised to hear of them breaking. I don't know who makes them, but I think they are the nicest shared scooters I've seen in my area.
Most of the other company's "custom built" scooters are built by the same outfit building the Zero for Bird, Like Bolt, the new Jump, and probably Lime. These really don't share any common features with those either. I'm still fairly certain they're outsourced, but not by the usual suspects.

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