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By 365GUY
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So I have looked all over the Internet trying to find different tire options for both the stock M365 and to see if there is a way to add a larger air tire to the zero motor.

I’m looking for something for the 365 wheels that are bigger and better in off road. So like a knobby tire.

I know you can order 10” tires but there very similar to the width and tread of the factory tires.

Don’t you think a tire company would come out with some bad ass wider tires for the 365 ? Who cares if you have to remove the fenders if it looked bad ass.

Anyone come across different tire options for the 365 or the zero motors?
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By LAskooter213
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For the zero motor, there is no real provision for a valve stem to exit the wheel. Not much of a lip to drill through either. Im not sure if anything pneumatic will fit on there at all. Maybe, but I cant see how. And for the m365 the fork clearance is minimal. 10 inch skinny tires barley clear it. Options will be limited. Sorry if Im shitting on your dreams. I just think tire selection kinda sucks on these things. Hopefully Im wrong.

Have you guys seen the new Bird One tires? They are some kind of squishy gel material. Really a good design and material.
Someone who isn't me came up on a bird one and got a chance to take it apart and see what its made of. Nice scooter. The gps is so well attached that someone who isnt me had to saw the head off with a reciprocating saw and discard it. It was like some fucking ISIS beheading video. Brutal and violent. But the rest of it was left intact. Nice tires on that fucking thing. Bird got it right with the tire material for sure.
im following the account "Birdgraveyard" on instagram which is people sending in videos of scooters they trash. One guy was going at the bird one with a hammer and it wasnt budging. Those things look secure

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