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By rdeoalves
Hello there! Recently, I had to change my scooter's mainboard because of the error 40. Got a spare kit and changed it, along with the dashboard (had to change both or it wouldn't work properly). After changing the pieces, the scooter was able to turn on again, and everything seems to be working fine – except the motor wheel. It doesn't accelerate.
Couple of infos that may be helpful to figure out what's wrong:
1) the yellow cable coming from the wheel seems burnt. It should be the problem, but before changing those pieces, it was already like this and the motor wheel was accelerating then.
2) when I spin the wheel and press the acceleration button, it breaks the wheel (?!?!)
3) the new kit is not original (discovered when it arrived)
4) never flashed any firmwares and stuff, all stock

Does anyone know how to fix it?
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