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By philsocal
David Banner wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 1:32 am
If anyone is interested I have 2 ecu's (motherboards) and a set of matching RFID keys to each one for these wheels bikes.

$100 each.
I sent a PM, but it looks like it's stuck in my outbox. Did you see it?
By David Banner
the "2nd gps" you're referring to in the neck is the one that would be used if you had bought this bike straight from iwalk and were using the app.

its useless on the wheels bikes I promise.

its not functioning.
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By Freebird
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Apparently "Wheels" decided to take a different angle to "Gig economy". Instead of using the built-in technology, they just tacked on a consumer grade GPS to the back fender with some drywall screws.

Instead of using the built-in technology to disable the scooter if it is out of range, they are hiring local asset recovery people to look after their fleet.

Here's a picture of one of one the loss prevention staff sitting outside of a suspected poacher's house:
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By LAskooter213
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Yes! You just sent a grown man to the floor laughing and banging his fist on the floor! I almost spit my drink across the room! You couldnt have picked a better character.
Im also glad to know that there is someone else from my generation here on this forum, or at least someone with knowledge and appreciation of the old school. That fucking movie was THE BEST.

"Warriors.....come out to play!"
By Flash_beezy
Koolkidcharles wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:42 pm

Look at that.
Everything works, speaker display brake light headlight
And it’s 100% a wheels bike because it’s purple (iwalk only sells purple to wheels)

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One of these guys tried getting me to pay $100 for a video on how to do it, what am I a idiot? Lol
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