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By S8 Fullex
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It has come to my attention that there is not a set topic for a tutorial on how to convert a BIRD Xiaomi m365 to have a foldable pole. My friends and I have done the modification on one of our m365s and it took a while. Let me explain to you the full process.

info: Having a foldable pole helps TREMENDOUSLY in putting the scooter in your trunk. If you have a coupe or sedan, this mod is almost necessary to put it in the trunk without folding down the rear seats. It also makes it look less like a BIRD and more OEM.

What you'll need:
1. A BIRD Xiaomi m365
2. Metric HEX tool set
3. Foldable Pole*
- You need a foldable pole AND hinge combo, just the hinge PROBABLY WONT WORK. I bought mine on amazon prime for around $50 (by theflamingo dude). I am doing some research and I'm going to try to do with with just a hinge but BIRD scooters are really hard, since their pole that they use has a shit ton of metal at the bottom (probably to stop people from doing this)

*THE FOLDABLE POLE is over $50, which sounds like a lot because the majority of people get their scooters for Free.99 but it is necessary to move it around. I STRONGLY recommend it.

1. Remove the handlebars with the 4 hex screws near the top of the pole.
2. Disconnect the mobo and loosen up the brakes from the caliper at the back to get the red brake wire out of the handlebars.
3. Try to unscrew the bottom collar. It probably won't work depending on how strong the glue is. I ended up taking a dremel/rotary tool and drilling out the screws that hold the BIRD collar in place.
4. Drill out the center rivet in the pole hole after the BIRD pole is out of the scooter.
5. Put in the new pole in the socket and tighten it down. THESE SCREWS TAKE A SHIT TON OF TIME TO GET TIGHT. It took me like 40 min to do this.
6. Reinstall the handlebars and pray to god that it is tight enough and that it doesn't wobble.
7. Enjoy your new foldable scooter To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Adding pictures soon because I am posting this at school.
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By Bird Poacher
Squanto2015 wrote:
Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:34 pm
I’m well aware of the foldable m365 pole but is there anyway to accomplish the same thing for a Segway scooter
Just got a BIRD es1 so i'm going to try to see if it's possible.

-To be continued
By Squanto2015
I wonder if anyone here would be willing to buy an es4 just to examine it and the return it. I’d love to see the side by side comparison between the consumer model and the tide share model
Squanto2015 wrote:
Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:34 pm
I’m well aware of the foldable m365 pole but is there anyway to accomplish the same thing for a Segway scooter
Besides the folding mechanism you will need the front fork, which alone will cost you well over $100
Regarding the M365, the folding mechanism is their known weak point. It will go loose fast.
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