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By LAskooter213
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Scooterclone is verified legit. We happen to work close to each other here in Los Angeles and after i ordered parts from him on ebay he opted to come drop them off in person rather than ship them. It simply cost him less. Nice guy. Knows his shit about chinese scooter parts also. He steered me in the right direction more than once. And his prices are fair. Buy with confidence.
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By LAskooter213
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Orange wrote:
Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:24 pm
Can someone post a link to scooterclone’s account on eBay? I’m having trouble finding it.
Just search "m365 circuit board" and look for the little blue logo that looks like a cat face. I just typed that exact search into ebays search bar and scooterclone's products are literally the first that popped up. Youll find it easily if you actually try,
By mtbizzle
The big thread on m365 has many people discussing how fake/clone dashboard chips will often work in some ways but not in others. Cannot flash firmware on fake/clone board. Will get errors when try to flash with downG app. Mi Home app firmware update page will say something like firmware version v5.0.0 (that's impossible of course, it's only at like 1.4 right now). Some of the boards I see above I think are fakes. (I bought a used m365 that has problems and am trying to figure out what's wrong, one of the things I have found is that it has a fake dashboard.)
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