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By lilscoot
So i have really wanted an electric mini bike for awhile and these scooters have been really interesting because of all the good parts that they have inside them. So yesterday I decided to go for it. I took out everything on the scooter(Battery, Motherboard, Accelerator tab, wheels, breaks, and that other Controal Board next to battery). Took some extra parts but everything fit pretty easilily right onto a 20” kids bike frame. then flashed the firmware to the cfw w firm aware and it’s all set to go, goes about 18-20 mph and is a load of fun.
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By lilscoot
still needs some clean up on the cable control and getting the old pedals and gears off plus removing the chain but over all it’s working
By clayton
Nice work Lilscoot!

haven't seen that before. Good creativity! I've been toying with making a sit down scooter, after seeing all the homeless riding boosted Birds with plastic crates for a seat. I like your setup a lot better.

I've also seen what look like active Birds with the stickers and brain box still on them, except the brain box has been emptied, and theres a replacement dashboard inside. They just remove the scan code. That way they park their scooter wherever they want without needing to chain it up, and everyone thinks its a rental scooter. I caught on to this when I saw people tilting the bird box up and pushing the dash button and riding away, instead of scanning a sticker with their phone. Hiding in plain sight This is an image - REGISTER or LOGIN to view.

By lilscoot
that’s clever, i didn’t think of hiding the new electronics right inside the original plastic housing. that way people try and ride it and it dosnt work but you can still ride off.
The bike is a tone of fun but isn’t going more then 13mph which is pretty sad, so i’m replacing all the parts with a nine bot es2. only problem i’m having with that is i don’t like the idea of having wheels any smaller then the ones of the m365. also the gear braking of the es2 would be awesome because i have not been able to attach the m365 caliper sussecfully so i don’t have brakes.
will post an update if i go through with the swap
By lilscoot
Grow23, i have also been intrested in using parts from the m365 or es2 on a full size bike. I think many of the parts will be compatible but the thing that has frustrated me is how to hook up power from the wheel hub motor to a chain.
I think that it is nessisary to have gearing and with gears it would make higher speeds possible.
I have been playing with the idea of putting the hub motor where the crank shaft goes but the biggest problem is attaching a chain onto the hub motor. If you have any luck with that please update me as i’m very intrested.
By lilscoot
I have now converted the bike from an m365 to a full es2 swap and I can say it’s a big upgrade.
the battery and control board are much sleeker and easier to mount as they are just cylinders and tape right on the the frame. the digital dash is awesome and i even hooked up the back red tail lights and under glow lights. here are some pictures of parts and the bike.

Next i am working on adding a second battery for increased speed and distence but have been trying to do research on hooking up parrelel bms protected lithium battery backs. i have a second battery from an es2 i want to add.
with ninebots external battery pack($170-$250) it is reported to up the top speed from 15-16mph to 18-19mph with 27 mile range.
I’m hoping to build my own external battery pack with the second battery to get those upgrades. I’m trying to figure out if it is best to build a harness that wires them both into the same conction point, or if it is hater to wire the second one into the external battery plug.


The last thing i want is my battery’s to malfunction because that’s not a fun day with lithium.

I’m trying to figure out the difference in circet board in the original batteries and in the oem external battery pack.
By lilscoot
I know it’s a little sketchy looking with all the duck tape but not to worry this is just because i’m still very much in the experimental stage getting everything together and working and once it’s all done and good then i’m adding mounting brackets and removing tape and cleaning it up. I did have to cut the motor wires to fit a socket to take the wheel off the scooter but I spliced all the wires and used wire connectors then heat shrink and finally electrical tape to keep everyone good and sound. I also ran into trouble with the controal board to hub motor wire connectors so i cut both off and made my own connectors. everything else i used original plug and play electronics and new ebay display
By lilscoot
So i had a crazy idea today.
i’m going to run a motor in the rear as well as the front. this way i have 2 weel drive. but what’s crazy is what if i ran a battery for each of these motors, and then ran an external battery as well for each motor. This would mean 2 battery’s and 2 external batteries. which should give me around 50 miles hopefully. but it would increase the top speed on both motors and have twice as much get up and go power.

mounting the rear wheel this evening but waiting for 2 external battery packs to come in the mail.

will keep updating

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