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By arjendj

For the past 3 months I've been enjoying my Ninebot ES2 and reading all the cool topics. Since yesterday evening I've some problems with charging my scooter. I've done some research but I can't find this issue. My scooter does turn on and functions as expected. But when I put in the charger nothing happens. I've tested the charger at my other ES2 and that charges with perfectly.

Could it be a loose connection somewhere or is this the end for my control board or battery?
By arjendj
I’ve disassembled the battery and controller. The battery BMS flashes red. The controller doesn’t have any damage that I can see. The scooter still drives normal.

What do you guys think this is a battery or controller problem?

Edit: problem was a faulty internal battery
By Misko Misic
Yeah, I have the similar problem. If you measure battery voltage it should not be bellow 30V or 28V. Mine was something about 9V.
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