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Discovered this in the lab over a year ago - got 22 mph (35 km/h) ground speed with extra battery, with wheels up it went to 26mph (41 km/h). I could make it happen on by doing the following:

-Rev up to any speed (wheel lifted), let go of accelerator (or apply force), let wheel spin freely nearly to stopping speed
-Just when it's about to stop, hit the throttle full down. The accelerator has to kick in while the wheel is slowing to a stop (last few spins), this takes timing but it was easy to get down.
-The ESC seems to panic and override the speed cap, or go into sensorless mode
Yeah thats how I experienced it, like ten minutes ago I got on a LimeS Es3 for the firstt time after getting up and running. I was at about 14 mph, I let go the throttle. It started to slow almost to a complete stop at a red light in Los Angeles. Green like came on amd it jolted to 21 mph.

But after that when I slowed it down again, a noise, like a rattle came from the motor and the es3 throttle and brake stopped working. It didnt turn off the display though. I could turn it in and connect the app. It even read 1-2 mph while walking the scooter, but still nothing happens with throttle and the break. This is no bueno. .....

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