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Capturing a lot of scooters in little time.
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By kawfey
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You can put a ton of Birds in your vehicle, but how do you get them to your garage/apartment/charging place? One at a time? Carrying two stacked per hand and two on your back? Pffffft.

Here's how I do it - a cheap sports cart bursting at the seams with birds.

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I've been thinking of a less unruly method. Does anyone have better ideas?
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By Nottinghaam
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That's a clever system. A yard cart or wagon would be a good investment if you have to transport birds a fair distance.

The number of times needed to load and unload a vehicle seems to be one of the biggest challenges in making the process more efficient. Anything to reduce the effort needed here is worth trying.
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By druinthor
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I stack four on top of each other to shuttle them around. It can be pretty slow going though. A more fun method is to grab the Bird with the highest charge and shuttle the Birds back and forth.

Great idea using a collapsible cart. I'll have to look into grabbing one of these to keep in my ride.

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