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Capturing a lot of scooters in little time.
By Keelan Matthews
What would you consider a hoarder?

A) Someone that keeps multiple Lime's Bird etc.. for a long time for their prices to raise

B) Someone that keeps multiple scooters in their property before capturing at the cut off time (9pm)

C) All of the above

Why am I asking this?

I have seen a "hoarder" who has been going around town collecting scooters and taping the speaker and keeping them at their house until 9pm then they unlock them all and release in the morning. I'm not sure if I would consider this hoarding but rather just a SUPER unfair advantage to other juicers.

By DaisyScooter
My vote is (C) All the Above.

A hoarder to me is anyone who is trying to cheat the system and break the rules. Taking scooters off the street before they are available is definitely a hoarder thing to do.

By Dymplesmyl
Both. According to the policy if you haven't scanned it and it's not in the "my limes" section of your app you are hoarding and also wasting the time of other who are looking for those scooters on to find they are locked behind someone's gate or in a garage.
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