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Hamad0611 wrote:
Tue Dec 25, 2018 12:10 pm
Also i noticed do we really need to order the whole kit or just the base that folds and use the same pole .
I only seen advertised the whole mast along with the hinge part, and never seen them claimed to be OEM parts. Possibly they are cheap knock-offs, much like the abundant control boards just to cash in on stolen birds...
Fwiw, Seems the factory hinge gets some bad reviews as it grows sloppy in short order or outright breaks.
Without seeing one in person, Its hard to say if that failure root cause is weak design, abuse or poorly assembled/adjusted by the user.

Anyway, said that. I would like to make my stolen Bird folding also, but not willing to pay 50$ toward an unknown part or willing to put effort to fabricating my own hinge.
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Ok so I ordered a circuit board online through ebay from China using the speedpak, it's been over a month and I want to try this out! Should I just order from a us seller? I havent seen a solid whether there circuit boards work well. I would just return the China board once I receive it . Just so tired of waiting
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