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By druinthor
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throwmeawaybro2515 wrote:
Sat Nov 24, 2018 10:29 am
Damn I don’t think mine is OEM now that I think about it. Wish I could connect in the app, but oh well, it’s just a scooter. Perhaps I’ll order another board if another police auction comes up and get the OEM board.
How did you find a police auction that was selling Birds? I'd like to pick one up.
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By humanbeing21
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The scooter is complete, for now. Next project is to install the folding neck to make it easier to transport. I've ordered the part from here on eBay and now waiting on it to deliver from China.

You can pick up a similar kit to the one I used on eBay by following the link below.
Xiaomi MIJIA M365 Scooter Circuit Board Dashboard Cover Replacement

Lessons Learned:
  • Before trying to sync to the app you'll need to remove the battery cover from the bottom of the scooter. Then unplug the battery for 30 seconds. Doing this will reset the scooter and allow it to pair with your phone.
  • You'll need to purchase shorter screws to hold the circuit board inside the handle bars. I got mine here from McMaster. I went with the hex head to limit the number of tools I'd be using when working on the scooter.
Learned from Riding it Around:
  • Battery - When the scooter isn't on ECO mode the battery drains very fast. It is noticeably quicker, especially uphills, in normal mode than a Bird of the same model. This lead me to believe Bird has all their scooters set in ECO mode to keep them on the streets longer.
  • Cruise Control - When set the scooter will remain in the set speed until the brakes or throttle are used. The speed is set by holding the throttle in a constant state. The scooter will then beep to signal the speed is set.
  • Regenerative Braking - You're able to adjust how much energy is returned to the scooter when going downhill. It is very aggressive and when in the highest setting is annoyingly jerking once it engages. For me it ruins the riding experience and I've it set in the lowest setting where it's not noticeable.
Took it out for a spin and took a few photos.
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By humanbeing21
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I've been riding the scooter to and from work over the past week with no issues. Started looking for something else to do with it and decided to purchase the folding neck to make it easier to carry around. Purchasesd one from eBay and similar to the circuit board it's coming from China. The expected delivery date is Dec 18th :(

eBay: Replacement Folding Foldable Pole For the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter 25.6 inch
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By humanbeing21
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For those of you looking to purchase an impounded Bird scooter I came across a potential upcoming police auction.

The scooters are being held at Seibert's Towing in southern Richmond, VA and have been there since the city impounded them in August. I spoke with an employee there who informed me the city has not told them what to do with the scooters. She went on to say if the Bird doesn't claim the scooters and pay the growing fees they will be auctioned. She then provided me the tow yard's auction listing and said the auctions occur the second Monday of each month. I don't see them on December yet but fingers crossed!

Seibert's Auto Auction

Article: Electric scooter startup Bird drops a flock in Richmond; city promptly nets it

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By humanbeing21
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You'll want to buy a specialty screw driver set from Amazon and the one I bought is linked below. This is used to take the Bird brain apart which has a T6 screw.

Amazon: ORIA Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit, Professional Repair Tool Kit

Also grab a hex set if you don't already have one.

Amazon: Tekton Hex Key Wrench Set

The eBay seller only includes the Xaiomi hardware, no tools are included.
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By humanbeing21
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f00 wrote:
Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:00 am
This sounds like a fun project! Thanks for all the documentation humanbeing21

How are you charging the scooter, would I need to become a bird charger to get the power supply?

I'm going to bid on this one in Converse, TX:
https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=M ... cctid=8085
Once you have the necessary tools and parts it'll be a fun/fast project. It took me 2 hrs to complete.

Amazon has chargers for sale if you need to pick one up.

Amazon: EVECS Bird & Lime Scooter Charger

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