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By Jonnyboi
Hi. Does somebody know what kind of motor its in the es2 / es4 scooter?
Im wondering what kind of dc motor controller i should get to get it running without the dash and controller card in the scooter.

And do you need a new bms or is it possible to use the one integrated in the original battery?

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By Ben J
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Its a 3Ø BLDC with hallsensors. I believe 300W on an ES4.

I think all hubmotor scooters are the same configuration aside from their respective volts and wattage.
By Jonnyboi
So if i get a Dc brushless controller whats the difference with how many W it supports?

would this work or would it not work because of its only 250W support?
By Jonnyboi
Ok so you guys suggest getting a dc controller with atleast 700w? or may the motor get bad from to much W in the controller card?

Also wondering what this cable with 4 wires does?
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I get that the red and black is the power but the other one? is it needed for the BMS? and will it work connecting to a dc controller?
By MikeSnow
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No risk burning the motor when using original battery. Go for a 500w to 1kw controller if you can find such.

The 4 wire connector is charging + bms communication. You will only use the charging part if you use a generic motor controller.
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