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By druinthor
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Wondering what projects and pictures you all have come across either done by yourself or someone else where electric scooter parts were used. The basic components in these scooters of motor/wheel, battery, controller, and bluetooth seems they can be applied to a number of things.
By Hherbson
I heard of people using them off the grid for wind power generation. If you buy a windmill fan and mount it to the wheel, it makes a very efficient generator. It just runs in regenerative braking mode, and spends its life making electricity instead of using it. I thought that was really cool.
By Orange
Ben J wrote:
Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:16 pm
My downstairs neighbor is a prolific scooter thief who’s built a number of things. But most notably a 4 wheel drive gokart from four M365s
You’ve got to post pictures. This sounds awesome!

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