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By Gahrlaag
I recently got an ES2 from a sale that is a VOI locked unit. I'm trying to figure out exactly how to get it converted to a personal unit, but there seems to be some differences in approach in comparison to the bird units.
In this case I've been told I'd need to replace both the display unit and the control board, but I'm curious if this really is the case? And if so, where does one find oem parts?
Has anyone successfully converted a VOI unit?
By serrt2
Replacing is the easiest way but not the cheapest. I got screwed and got a fake es1 controller it works but not as good as a es4. Going to order a legit version when I get my money back.

The best way would be to crack the fw but need to have someone with knowledge to do this. Sadly I lack the coding skills needed

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