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By Lothean
Hello everybody!
About two weeks ago, I bought a used M365 on a website that I could describe as the French Craigslist. It was dirt cheap (around 80 bucks) and it was not a converted scooter since the box came with it (and also, the first city to have electric scooters is at 200km from here).
However, the guy told me that the reason for the low price was the lack of reliability in the charger.
And today, it broke. Measured the output voltage and it's 0 volt. And it is kinda annoying since this is the only way for me to commute to school since I'm in a very rural area.
I already bought another one on eBay, but it will take so long for it to arrive!
I am currently looking for a solution to charge my scooter, and I came up with an idea. I could charge every parallel group of cells with a powerbank module, one at a time. Do you think this would work and will it cause problems for the battery? Or maybe some of you have an idea of where I could find/how I could DIY a 42 VDC PSU ?
Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad English This is an image - REGISTER or LOGIN to view.

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