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By rmnhsd
The scooter had been out in the cold around 40-45F but it was more than half charged. I got up to full speed twice and then hit the brake hard both times. The second time it just turned off. Tried the same thing again and again the same thing happened.

Took it inside and charged it up in the warmer temps and a second test resulted in the problem no longer present.

WTF? This is very dangerous! Is this due to some kind of over-current protection, or a defective battery perhaps?

Anyone ever had this happen?
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By Pez
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The brushless motor (front wheel ) not really liking that cold temp . Sounds to me might be some moisture in the motor and break is shorting it out . Magnets are very powerful inside the wheel lots of things can happen when moisture get inside
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By Pez
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Just keep in mind that the brake can take you for a fast bucking you off stop . Like hardcore stop so keep that in the back of your head when riding in the cold temps . Don’t underestimate the power of the magnet when stopping . The scooter (could stop on a DIME ) . Just be ready

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