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By ScooterTalk
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Kenshin088 wrote:
Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:08 pm
Is anyone able to pull the scooter codes? It was working for a while but now it's not working.
I haven't used the API in awhile and when going back to test today noticied I'm now receiving a 401 error.

@Nottinghaam do you know if Bird made a change to the access of the API?
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By Kenshin088
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Is there a more complete write-up on how to use all the different endpoints? The info on GitHub is very sparse and it isn't clear how to use some of the headers.

For example, say I got the token for bird/task...how do I use it? What goes after bird/task? Need more info on the API parameter post type.
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By ScooterTalk
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There isn’t a public API for Bird. Unfortunately the github write up is all I’ve been able to find. You can use the token to send a location request to find Birds available to riders. I was never able to get the charger side of the API to work due to never being able to get my charger token.
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By druinthor
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It would be great if they’d make a public supported API for us to use. Maybe I’ll be day...
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By Kenshin07
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Anyone know how to use this endpoint?


It says the 'body' cannot be empty but idk what to put there. Does this show me a list of completed birds?
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By Offroad
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@Nottinghaam it appears Bird has implemented certificate pinning... can you (or anyone) confirm?
By imxvii
Yes they did. If you have rooted device with xposed you can bypass.

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