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By 3characters
Hi! This is my first post here but I thought it would be a good place. I had a idea to let people share there m365 scooters like bird / lime and make some money if they are not using it. I'll briefly go over some issues and how to resolve them:

Stolen Scooters: insurance is your friend.

Tracking: anyone who wants to after scooter to the fleet will get sent a GPS unit sort of like the one that bird has but screws into the hole on the m365 instead of taking out the brain and replacing it.

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: when someone unlocks the scooter they get $0.75 out of the the dollar and each minute they make $0.10 out of the $0.15 we charge.

I am good with hardware but not software. If you are and are interested in helping with the project please let me know.
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By 365GUY
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I don’t know how this will work with such a flood of scooters already on the streets just waiting to be ridden. Your up against major competition and don’t really offer anything different at all, even your pricing is the same. Plus the insurance that is going to cover any losses isn’t going to be cheap, If you can even find a insurance company to cover you.

Plus you would have to have an app that people know about and honestly it sounds like a huge undertaking with little upside.
Keep the thinking cap on though, it takes a 1000 ideas before one clicks sometimes.
By 3characters
Yeah, You're pretty much right. the part that was leveraging it's success was adding users scooters to the fleet. That's not a great idea when there are a lot of people on this forum who stole scooters from bird / lime. The big guys with all the tracking set up and used. there would be a lot of things wrong with the idea.
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