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By blackscampi
i have a lime scooter abondoned for 4 months on me private terrain.
i readed the topic for hours but everybody speaks about he bird models wich have es...
now i'am stuck i try to find new motherbord and dashbord for lime
is it possible now yes or no

By Keelan Matthews


https://www.aliexpress.com/item/36V-48V ... 4c4dIWqVWb

& if you don't have them already a set of Torx Security Screw Drivers or Bits. (Star Shape * with hole in middle) - Refer to screws on scooter if you're having trouble.

Once purchased send me a message and I'll tell you all the schematics and stuff on how to connect it to the existing Lime wheel throttle etc..
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By surveyorandrew
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Yes, it’s in the neck. Just start taking off every screw you see. You’ll take apart more than you need to but you’ll figure it out pretty quick and learn a lot.
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By yeswhat478
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The battery is held in place with the two lower screws on each side of the tube (just above the two bolt clamp).
You'll want to get the tube off and then there is a metal plate with allen keys sandwiching a piece of rubber between the metal plate and battery, you'll want to take it out before the battery slides out.
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