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By Ben J
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Chinese dragons befallen me !
My M365 developed the flickering headlight stuttering motor problem.
It works fine when headlight is off, But a second after its switched on the headlight and dashlites flicker and motor sputters.
I've heard of this before, but never paid attention to what folks diagnosed it to be.

Time to open it up and investigate...
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By LAskooter213
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Maybe something to do with the 5v and 36v systems of the scooter interacting in the wrong way? Or maybe back feeding voltage down the wrong wire or the light circuit is creating a voltage drop and starving the system of voltage??? Please post what you find. I have one scooter that did this....i just replaced the bluetooth board and said fuck it...but Im curious.
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By Ben J
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I dunno yet. Initially I am thinking LED is failing somehow drawing too much current what drops voltage to the dash, The dash konks out, or at least loses communication to the mainboard, then cycle repeats.
If I know what that LED is supposed to draw will be a start. I might buy another to compare. New LED is about 10$..

Buy a st link v2.

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