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By 365GUY
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Ok so In firmware the highest watt is CFW at 1000 watts or 25677 if I remember correctly. CFW-weak at 800 watts is like 27566 or something.

I have read about people running zeros at higher than 1000 watts without issue. My question is how is that number figured out since they don’t really seem to be linear, rather the numbers seem quite random. I have tried a few different lower numbers in the 23000 range but it did some weird stuff.
Can anyone tell me what 1300 watts and 1600 watts would correspond into firmware inputs?
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By 365GUY
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Zero is rated at only 250 watts. Which I don’t really understand why it’s so low given the watt rating kinda determines the price. Obviously we know that the motor can handle 800-1000 watts without issues. But I would like to find out what the maximum is and what that equals to in the firmware motor number.
Nice going on your 3 motor project, looking good!
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By 365GUY
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No one knows how to go above 1000 watts in firmware generator?
Using zero motors... what is the highest anyone has heard about... read about or actually tried.

I found a spreadsheet with this exact info I’m looking for but it was for the ES motors.
I want to put a similar sheet together for the 365 with stock motor and zero motor.
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