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By 365GUY
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Anyone know how to wire a Battery from a ES2 to a M365 as a secondary in parallel?

I have 2 batteries mounted on my dual motor setup and need help figuring out how to get them to work. I know prior to hooking them up that the voltage needs to be the same on both batteries within about 1 volt.
I want to wire them so both batteries charge at the same time with the stock charger port.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Hey man. First off, nice scooter. I am finishing one very similar to that. I would suggest that you overvolt it too. You can go up to 54 volts with no consequence. The power gains are awesome.
To answer your question, you would just need to wire your charging ports in parallel. In other words hook all the positives together, and all the negatives together and run those 2 bundles to a single female charging port, splicing them to the positive and negative (respectively) portions of the port.

Thing is, I dont really suggest doing it this way. First of all, it will take forever to charge. It faster to just use multiple chargers. Secondly, the bms (provided you are still using them) wont function right if you have them all wired up together. Youre batteries will last longer if you charge them separate. Third, its less wiring to charge them all separate. Who needs more wires in their life?

Anyway hope this helps
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By 365GUY
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Thanks a lot for the info..
So I have two M365 batteries and two BMS controllers, as well as two charger ports.
So only two batteries would be hooked up together on one charger port, not all 4.

So your saying wire the batteries the same as you would with any second battery and then take the positive and negative from the charger port and hook both batteries charger lines to that ? That would leave the Tx and Rx wires on the ES batteries not hooked up to anything. Is that correct?

And I am planning on overvolting it.. that seems to be the only way to get more top speed out of it. How fast have you got yours going?
With 2 zero motors running at 54 volts, it should move pretty good
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By Ben J
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siraly wrote:
Wed May 08, 2019 11:32 am
very nice manual for mounting 2 batteries:
https://rollerplausch.fandom.com/wiki/I ... al_battery
Its very nice and all, But too bad these rollerplausch guys present a stupid and potentially dangerous example of fused improperly and bypasses BMS on the aux battery.
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By 365GUY
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Yea hooking up ES batteries isn’t exactly the same as the Roller Method used in the video. He’s just using generic batteries, I’m trying to use the batteries out of the stem of a ES2 as secondary to the stock 365 batteries. I still don’t have it working properly and need to figure out how to charge the ES batteries before hooking everything up.

Anyone got a way to charge ES batteries without having to install it into a actual scooter?

How do you bench charge a Es battery? Am I going to need a control board and everything else or is there a way to just wire up a charger port to the 4 wire plug and direct charge?
Every battery pack in any brand of these scooters are composed of "generic" batteries. They are all 18650 lithium ion batteries. 3.6-4.2 volt operating range. The thing that makes each battery pack specific to a given brand or model is the BMS unit. These units regulate the charging voltage into the unit to balance the battery packs and control output voltage. They monitor battery temperature and actual voltage per pack among other things.
I have a feeling that the BMS is messing up your ability to wire the ES pack into your M365. In your situation, you might want to try to remove the black plastic sleeve that the batteries are in. If you remove that sleeve you will find that the exact same type of battery is used in that battery pack as is used in the M365 pack. Its just that the M365 pack is a 3p10s configuration and the ES is a 2p10s configuration. In that sleeve youll find the BMS module. Remove it and cut the two main power leads that connect it to the battery. Use these as your leads to connect to the m365 battery and you should be in business.
You may be able to pull the BMS out without taking apart the whole sleeve but be careful you dont accidentally start welding shit together if you short the leads.
Hope this helps.
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By 365GUY
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Thanks LA, you seem to know your shit when it comes to these things we all seem to enjoy screwing around with trying to make faster and better.

I actually just got done taking a old ES battery apart to see how it was assembled and how the BMS is integrated into it. So in the picture there are two boards ( one with the 4 wires and one with the +- leads) the 4 wire board snaps into the other board and would be the first board you would find if you disassembled the battery.
Am I correct in assuming this top board with 4 wires is the actual bms ?

The battery will still work without a active BMS board in place ? Is that super sketchy to run a battery like this without a System to keep shit from melting or you think it isn’t a major issue?
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