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So overvolting basically is just using a higher voltage battery pack and firmware to match ?

If that’s what I’m understanding then I assume it’s possible to modify the existing battery in the 365 to increase it from 36 volts to something like 54 or so. If that’s what you do has anyone got any pictures or info on how it’s done ? I would think you could use the 18650 cells from other batteries to modify your battery so the only cost would be the supplies for the battery mod.

Am I correct about anything I just said ?
Thanks guys, this forum has really been helpful for my first scooter project.
A dual zero M365 that I’m trying to get to go 30+
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Yea, the brakes (or lack of) can be a little scary if you have an electrical malfunction. Happened once to me....hit a bump and the controller shut down. Im currently running dual es4 style brake switches. Trying to think of a good way to add a mechanical brake...like a scrub brake or friction pad or something of the sort. Any ideas are welcomed.

And wait.....this just came to me....just right now....a mechanical switch that shorts the phase wires together....that would work for sure. Same principle that the scooter uses already, just with a mechanical switch for increased reliability. It'll needs no electricity to operate, and it is cheap and easy. Fuck yeah.

Wow, I guess I just posted and answered my own question at the same time. Thats cool. Well, thanks for getting my mental gears turning fellas. Im gonna go do this shit. Will update later on.
Ok, I think some of you got this down already but I think theres alot of you that are confused about how to actually over-volt your scooter.
Here's what I did. No battery welder, no nickel strip, ( but it would be WAY better if you had these things...im just saying you dont NEED em)...yeah, no special tools or nothin , just a soldering iron, solder, and some wire.

So....the stock m365 battery is just a simple 3p10s 18650 lithium ion battery pack. You have you "3p" part of it...which just means 3 18650 batteries connected in parallel. Then you have your "10s" side of it which means there are 10 of those 3 packs hooked up in series. Assuming all individual battery cells are measuring at 3.6 volts, wiring this up would give you a 36 volt battery pack.
Now if you want to go fast youre going to want to increase your voltage. More voltage (electrical "pressure") is going to provide the" ummph" your battery needs to push more current through the resistance of your motor and make it spin faster and have more torque.
The easiest way I found to add more voltage to your m365 battery is to get another m365 battery and carefully cut off 12 individual cells from the end of it. IF you examine the way the nickel strips are welded to it you will see that it is exactly like the diagram I drew for you below. Try to cut the plastic battery case and nickel strips in such a way that you cut off a 3p4s chunk of batteries. It is possible to do this. YOu may have to solder one or two batteries together with some wire but it beats having to solder all of them or go buy a battery welder. The m365 pack is already configured exactly how you want it...you just need to break of as much as you want to use. Always keep the number of parallel cella in your battery pack the same, as it ensures your battery will charge as evenly as possible. And dont exceed 4 extra packs....it will blow the capacitors and burn your board. Adding a 3p4s battery pack to your battery pack ups your voltage to a whopping 58.8 volts when fully charged! Youll be amazed how much faster your scooter gets with technique.
And so you know you can just hook the positive of your new 3p4s pack to the neg of you original battery pack and then use the pos form the original pack and the neg from your new pack as the primary battery terminals to hook to your controller. And dont forget to program your controller to accept the higher voltage. You can do this with the BOTOX tool kit. If you want even MORE top speed, add 10 inch tires to your wheels and if you want even MORE power replace your back wheel with a bird zero motor and go ahead and over-volt another battery and go dual over-volted 10 inch tire (only on the front...it wont fit the zero motor) and youll be the fastest motherfucker in your neighborhood! Unless you live in Central Los Angeles....Cuz Im the fastest motherfucker round here.... To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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Check out the diagrams I made below and the bottom picture of an overvolt add on battery I cut out of another pack.
Have fun. Im outta here

Note: the diagrams are showing batteries at 36 volts and only showing 3 packs being added to the original battery. Fully charged the individual cells will have 4.2 volts... so total voltage will be 42 v .I just worried it would confuse people that I wrote about 4.2 volts and used 3.6 volts as an example in my diagrams but yall will figure it out. Also BE CAREFUL WHEN CUTTING BATTERY APART TO HARVEST CELLS! YOU CAN SHORT SHIT OUT AND HURT YOURSELF!! BE MINDFUL AND DONT CREATE SHORTS! ALSO WHEN SOLDERING WIRE TO BATTERIES>>>>DO IT FAST> IF YOU GET THE BATTERY TOO HOT IT WILL HURT IT> SO WORK QUICK. USE YOUR BRAIN!!! ITS THE BEST TOOL YOU GOT IN YOUR TOOLBOX
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