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DrDoc wrote:
Thu May 30, 2019 11:40 am
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UPDATE- so I figure these pictures are of what’s in the footboard of the scooter. Not sure how I open it up though...any pictures or links anyone??????
There might be some youtube videos out there that show how to use a screwdriver. Good luck. Remember: counterclockwise to loosen; clockwise to tighten.
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jventura wrote:
Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:22 am

My question, is if I take the splitter, in the picture you posted, the scooter becomes like a “Bird scooter”. Reason I’m asking is because before I learned to do this project, I directly plugged in a circuit board I bought into the Lyft scooter and blew it up. Let me tell you, I did not expect that because I plugged it into a Bird and it worked great but the scooter was destroyed, so I said the Lyft ones are new and great. Little did I know when it exploded on my hand and that thing hurt. So back to my question, is it just the splitter I need to work on, to avoid a explosion on the circuit board? Remove splitter and connect it back to the Bluetooth board and I’m back to stock, where it won’t explode again?

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