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By DedX
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my old front wheel is broken (won't speed it up anymore and the automatic break is making weird noises)
so.. i want to replace it but what i'm asking.. why the old front wheel has the number " XW36V300W" and the new one "JYX36300"? does that make any difference?
By ForBetterAir
I belive that is code for something
Old number, XW36V300W
XW= (i dont know)
36V=36Volts but manage more, 42V?

New number
JYX=(i dont know)
36=(Voltage again?)
300=(300watts perhaps)
The first letters, there are so many companies making those wheels, perhaps new wheel are same factory but with updated tech or manufactured by another company. We have heard about some wheels interchangable with other scooterbrands.
As long as it works all ok
Thank you for reading my answer

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