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Now i have full control of the lights after i put it on a bird es4 model. What i want to find out now is if it is possible to repurpose lyft, bird zero, and jump speed controllers via bypass or firmware replacement. still a noob and not sure if i should keep them or throw them away. i also used the battery protector mounts from a lyft es2 to mount a jump front basket on my girlfriends es2 scooter so she can haul her puppy and or hold a drinki. its dope!!!!
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I switched the bluetooth panel and when I connect it in the app ninebot asks for that password. I already tried 000000 and 111111 of password error, does anyone know how to reset. is this password linked to the bluetooth panel or controller card?
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Summing up Scooters was for rent, today after I switched only the bluetooth panel is working normally, just wanted to log in the app to modify the led colors.

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