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By oskar2001
I attempted to connect an internal battery into the external battery slot and it did not work. That sucks. But that's not the reason for my post because while I was doing that I managed to switch the leads for + and -. No sparks or flames, in fact, the scooter can still operate completely normally. However, when I go to plug it into the charger, it turns itself on but does not charge. I have tried a few different chargers and none of them work. The light on the charger never turns red but it is interesting that the bird detects a charger but cannot draw a charge. Is there anything I should try before I buy a new control board? Failing that, can you point me in the right direction as to where to buy it. Thanks

P.S. what is the difference between the premium OEM controllers and the 30$ I just want to make it start charging again, the flashlight bug is not a high priority right now. I buy a cheap one I just want it to work before I start tweaking

By oskar2001
just a quick update, I have taken out the control board and tried both a different charging connector and a different battery. Both times, upon plugging in the charger, the control board has a red light and blinks green for about 15 seconds. When the lights stop blinking unplugging and replugging the charger does not start the blinking again, only when I stop working on it and start again 1 hour+.

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