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By Dmorg
First night charging has been frustrating, wish I had found this board before I started. Night two should be better. 55 year old man out of work because of injuries and fibromyalgia, and hoping this can keep me going until they find a way to manage the pain. Will be looking over the board tonight for more tips. Glad this is a community that seems to help each other out.
By Dmorg
I have gone through the same sort of learning process, but I appreciate the link. The more information you have, the better it is!

I have figured out that living on the upstairs unit of a up and down duplex is a bit tricky, especially at 55 years old. I have most of what I need to build a new shed out back, and I am thinking that I will concentrate on that for a bit, and run electricity out to it, and charge there. I am sure that the cold will affect the charging, but if I do the majority out there (when I get more chargers), and the ones that need more charging inside, it should work.
By Louisvillegr
Someone told me that a cold environment is better for charging. Charges quicker. Bcus it keeps the battery cool. But that’s just what I heard.
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