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Got my 3 chargers in the mail today, so I immediately gave it a shot. Managed to get 3 scooters in the span of 5 minutes!! I could have gotten 7 easily if I had more chargers! Did my research, cleared all the obvious ghosts and hoarders off of my map before attempting to go out, and it worked like a CHARM. $15 easy, and I get to ride scooters around. Feels like I'm a kid again. I have a feeling I'll be doing this every night, riding the scooters for free is worth it by itself!

Thanks Bird. woo.
By FrWix
Great start, It took me 3 or 4 days to figure out how to get the easy scooters. I agree having a scooter to ride around for free is a nice perk.
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By Rocksta87
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@SQUID you’re a natural! After you charge for consecutive nights start asking Bird for more chargers. You could always buy some too. If your able to charge four scooters on it before Bird sends you more it will have paid for itself.

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