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By ScooterTalk
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SKIPzophrenic wrote:
Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:30 pm
@humanbeing21 I'm about to be at WiFi cuz we don't have home cable/internet and I don't have high speed data, but in the past its always given me an error message about file size. I'll try it though
A few days ago the site received an update to allow users to upload pictures through the imgur api. The user experience is much easier now :D .
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By blanxable
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Finally! I see your trade secret now @SKIPzophrenic . You line up scooters parallel to the driver and passenger seat. Freaken genius! Thanks for the insight! I can get another 6 scooters in my sedan now!
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By SKIPzophrenic
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@blanxable awwww that's adorable! We're changing the scooter game one compact car at a time. Get that money! I call it inversion scooter therapy.
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By SKIPzophrenic
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@surveyorandrew thank you, now I just need them to make the scooters with wireless charging capabilities and get a big charging mat 😂😂

On a side note, in Washington DC, the number of dockless vehicles is about to increase from 2,000 to over 9,000. Let the games begin!!!
By FrWix
SKIPzophrenic wrote:
Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:14 pm
@FrWix if this site would let me share a freaking picture... Lol.

The guy made a follow-up Reddit post, search for 14 limes in a VW golf. You gotta remove the headrests from the rear seats and invert the scooters on their side. Load through the passenger door. For example, with my Prius, 60-70% of the scooters I load go through my rear passenger door, not the huge trunk opening. Crazy enough to work, which it does, perfectly.
Thank you Skip, loading through the passenger door instead of the trunk makes a big difference. I haven't tried to push it to 14 yet but it is much easier even if I'm only loading 5 or 6 scooters. :D
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