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By willchill72
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I have been charging Bird Scooters for about four days now. Trying to maximize my profits by hunting them down all hours of the day. I have found that some of these birds will not hold a charge and its beginning to be a pain. So will a jumping tool remedy this problem? William
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By guisar
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If you’re moving chargers between Birds in the middle of the night you won’t be able to return them at 100%. That’s not a big deal since Bird pays the full bounty if the scooter is at or above 97%.

From my experience a scooter will loose about 1% of battery every 90 mins. What kind of battery loss are you seeing?
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By surveyorandrew
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@SKIPzophrenic darn autocorrect messing up my grammar and making look like a fool! To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

@druinthor yeah, it was random which why I posted it. Strongly doubt the lady in charge of the city busses in central Ohio is in the know on this.
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