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By @JeremyCee
Hoping the Bird team sees this. I've been queued up in the app as a prospective Charger in Detroit for at least 2 months knowing you must be on the way. Now you're here! I've got an empty rental property and a team of two more people with SUVs standing at the ready! Is there any way to get me expedited and chargers shipped out? I'm registered with jeremyc4 AT gmail .... phone: nine four one, six six one, seven 999

Excited for your arrival and looking forward to being a dedicated member of the community!
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By Rocksta87
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I’m currently a charger but don’t speak on behalf of Bird. Try emailing, texting, and chatting via help in the app with Bird daily. You’re trying to get ahold of a rep to start your orientation and ship you your chargers.
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By druinthor
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For that size operation you're going to quickly run into issues. You'll notice while going through orientation that Bird sends three chargers to start out with. Also, you'll be paid for no more than 20 Birds per day. To do anymore than that you'll need multiple accounts.
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By guisar
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@@JeremyCee were you able to get a hold of Bird? The operation your describing would run circles around the charger who are picking up 3 - 6 per night. Especially if you use a scout team to locate Birds before you arrive with the trailer.

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