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By 0E800
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Found this forum while researching Fitrider, which is the model scooters that Scoot uses for the Kick scooter.

I already converted a Bird. It didn't have any security screws and was simple to find the mono to replace the paywall.

Unfortunately Birdy doesn't have a contract for SF and they have been difficult to find lately.

Scoot and Skip I think are the only shops contracted with the city of SF.

Scoot scooters are pretty nice. They also have a lot of extra security. Also its difficult to find replacement parts as Scoot is just a client of a Chinese maker that sells an all in one package for ride shares. You get the custom color, your brand name on all the electronics and probably you need to be a customer in order to get the replacement parts.

That's why I am here, to network with others and learn.

Regards ,

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